US interest in moving to New Zealand on Covid-19

US Interest In Moving To New Zealand On Covid-19

US interest in moving to New Zealand increased during the coronavirus crisis, with the number of people seeking information on how to climb to 65% in May.

New Zealand went into lockdown on March 25, and sanctions began to unravel by May, with non-New Zealanders closing the borders, enforcing stringent housing regulations, and effectively ending the disease.

In New Zealand, fewer than 1,500 people infected with Kovid-19 died and 22 died.

According to figures released by New Zealand Now and New Zealand, the Americans' website grew 37% in April compared to last year, up 65% in May, and a total of 80,000 Americans were interested in transferring. The Southern Hemisphere that month.

UK citizens are eager for resettlement, an increase of 18.5% or 31,000 in May. Other top countries to visit the place are Australians, South Africans and Indians.

Similar interest sparked in 2016 after Donald Trump was elected president and after the Brexit vote.

Immigration New Zealand received 56,300 visits from the US in the 24 hours following the 2016 US election - a massive increase over its daily average of 2,300. Over the same period, more than 7,000 Americans were interested in visiting New Zealand, more than double the monthly average.

The US is leading the world in 2.8 million - and 130,000 - deaths from coronavirus cases. President Donald Trump said 99% of cases were "harmless."

New Zealand's borders were closed to all foreign citizens, with only a few exceptions for workers who deemed it necessary - such as the staff of James Cameron's Avatar sequel.

More than 100,000 procedures are underway on visa application, as foreigners continue to submit applications despite the closure.

Jacinda Ardern gave no indication as to when the borders would be reopened, saying it was her priority to keep New Zealand safe, but it was now "dangerous".

New Zealand real estate agents told state broadcaster TVNZ that one-fourth of all foreigners interested in buying New Zealand properties are also foreigners.

Tommy's real estate is said to be buying "many" properties without having to physically look at it, though there is a lot of property interest from a foreign plan to repatriate the Kiwi.

Despite the interest, it is more difficult than ever for foreigners to create a new life in New Zealand, and in 2017 the worker-led government banned home sales to foreigners and tightened the needs of residents.

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