Facebook has launched a new election campaign, expanding the label for posts on voting

Facebook on Thursday unveiled new tools and policies around the 2020 election, including the polling station, describing the company as a "one-stop-shop" for information about voting.

Facebook has launched a new election campaign, expanding the label for posts on voting

There was an extension last month with post-linked labels from politicians about voting on new policies. For example, President Trump's post about mail-in voting in late July hinted to the public to show usa.gov/voting, which contains basic information about the election.

The label said in a blog post that the label will be launched’ on Thursday. Instagram and Facebook users are expected’ to come forward with an affiliate about voting.

Labels will appear on Facebook to complement the Voting Information Center, with the aim of helping users register to vote with a new section on Facebook and Instagram. Earlier this year Facebook announced an initiative to help register at least 4 million voters this year. The company said in a blog post that the Polling Information Center will help guide users to websites that offer registration.

The information center will contain information about issues such as mail-in voting from state election officials and other non-traditional civic bodies.

Facebook and other social media platforms are under scrutiny over how they are handling false information during this year’s election.

Facebook has faced considerable criticism from Democratic lawmakers and civil rights groups over its policies, which are generally more generous than others when promoting affiliate positions from politicians. Some, including Biden's Democratic presidential campaign, have called on the company to reverse its policy of excluding political statements from actual scrutiny.

Facebook said in a blog post that it was "actively talking to election officials about the potential for misinformation about election results."

"It is possible to use a lengthy ballot process to increase mistrust in the election result," the company said, citing the expansion of mail-in voting and the possibility of election night results not coming. "We plan to fight this by digesting the Voting Information Center and the U.S. election into Facebook News to ensure that people have access to the latest, official information and news on and out of election night. Easily access it."

The initiative comes a day after several tech companies, including Google, Twitter, Reddit and Microsoft released a statement on their "ongoing election security cooperation". Company representatives held a meeting with U.S. government agencies this week, the joint statement said.


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