Zimbabwe bans mining in safari parks, workers want new law

Zimbabwe's environmental and biodiversity expert Emmerson Mnangagwa has called on the government to adopt a new policy, banning mining in the sport's reserves, after approval by two Chinese companies to explore for coal in the Hwange National Park. Are demanding.

Zimbabwe bans mining in safari parks, workers want new law

The government has now said it is taking steps to "immediately cancel all mining titles held in national parks" across the country, but the government is not sincere until the campaigners sign the law. Are buying

Zimbabwe's vast wildlife, unique flora, and spectacular landscapes are a major tourist attraction that authorities are expecting when international flights due to global epidemics are held’— hold beginning .The currency of the currency of the flights next month. Revenue from tourism in Zimbabwe helps fund wildlife conservation programs.

When the government approved special grants for coal exploration to two Chinese coal mining companies in the vast Hwang National Park, it emerged that more mining activities were taking place in other national parks. This has angered Zimbabwe's conservationists and campaigners, who are now urging the government to enact a new policy that calls for "immediate action on mining in areas occupied by national parks." "As agreed by the Mnangagwa cabinet in September. 8.

Advocacy groups such as the Center for Natural Resource Governance Zimbabwe are highlighting the fact that mining activities in national parks go beyond Hwange. CNRG said this week that special grants (for mining) have also been released’ for "coal mining" at the Chesapeake National Park and at the Umfurudze "Game Park" as Zimbabwe's coal mining projects are being shelved. Is trying to accelerate the thermal production of electric coal for road construction. Power deficit

The Zimbabwean government appears to have succumbed to pressure from lobby groups, and now other experts are calling on the Mnangagwa administration. It has criticized the Chinese for initiating volatile investments to legitimize and legalize a new policy banning mining in safari parks. So far, he says, the new policy position has been a declaration rather than a legally binding policy, and there are fears that mining activity in the country's national parks could continue until later.


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