A new antibody drug has been added’ to the Oxford University Covid-19 treatment case

An Oxford-based recovery trial that proved steroids were saving the lives of some coronary heart disease patients will now treat a combination of an associated but far more expensive new antibody.

In most NHS acute hospitals, a portion of patients enrolled on a trial basis will be randomly assigned’ to Regeneron’s experimental medicine, called REGN-COV2. The drug is a combination of antibodies against the virus that kill two people. The company had previously developed a similar antibody against Ebola.

Unlike dexamethasone, which has been shown’ to save the lives of one in eight critically ill patients, it is a drug invented for infectious diseases. It has successfully passed animal studies and a Phase 1 safety trial and is now in the United States in a phased manner.

Peter Horby, professor of emerging infectious diseases and global health at Oxford University and chief investigator of the case, said: "We have already discovered that one treatment, dexamethasone, benefits patients with Covid 19, but not death. The rate is very high so we must continue to look for others. The recovery trial was specially designed’ so that when investigative drugs such as REGN-COV2 were promised, they could be tested early. We look forward to seeing if REGN-COV2 is safe and effective in the context of large-scale randomized clinical trials, the only way to ensure that it acts as a treatment for Code 19.

Martin Landray, deputy chief investigator of the case and professor of medicine and epidemiology, said: "So far we are largely studying whether existing drugs can be reintroduced to deal with this new disease, but We now have the opportunity to evaluate the effects of a drug specially formulated to target this coronavirus. There are good reasons to be excited about this new development. The lab-developed monoclonal antibody mixture will provide a strong overview of the therapeutic effect.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van Tam said the recovery trial was recognized’ as the most successful in the world. "Today's news is another relevant step in the search for an effective cure, which will improve our ability to deal with this devastating virus, and is a testament to the confidence that others around the world have achieved in this wonderful way. He has confessed in the trial of pregnancy and execution. "

But, while a very old drug, and out of patent, dexamethasone, costs around 5 to treat a patient, if this antibody cocktail works, its tolerance will also be’ questioned. ۔

"Novel antivirals and monoclonal antibodies are among the most exciting and exciting treatments for covid-19 because they are specific to the disease, but traditionally it's the most They are also expensive.”

"Large-scale randomized controlled studies such as Recovery give us a good idea of ​​whether drugs such as REGN-COV2 are safe and effective against Covid 19, but we need to make sure that any successful treatment is universal. It is available to everyone who needs it. "


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