Rihanna: Using dating apps is brave

Rihanna thinks people who use dating apps are "brave".

Rihanna: Using dating apps is brave

The hit maker named 'Diamond' is currently single after ending her three-year relationship with Hassan Jamil earlier this year but she will not go online to find new love, even though she knows it is a "great relationship". "There may be a way to find out.

The music star said: "I don't think dating apps are for me but the people who use them are brave and I know they have a lot of relationships these days."

When it comes to her perfect man, the 32-year-old singer wants to "build" life with someone.

Talking to new! Magazine, he explained: "The ideal man for me is the one who wants to be with you. I don't think you can be really happy in any relationship unless you are happy with yourself first.

"But once you get to that point, you want to be with someone who will support you and build dreams and goals with you."

Rihanna, meanwhile, called for tougher laws against online bullying, although she insisted they never affect it.

The umbrella hitmaker said: "I don't notice trolls. I don't think they'll ever be brave enough to say it to my face - but it's easy for them to feel brave behind a computer. Is. Screen

"There must be a law in place to prevent trolling. Free speech is important, but just because you are behind the scenes does not give you the right to show abuse, racism or anything else." Do something that upsets people or makes them feel bad


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