Trump claims to have blamed Kenosha for calming politics

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump took credit for bringing peace to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where a gunman opened fire on police a few days after violent protests.

Trump claims to have blamed Kenosha for calming politics

Although Trump suggested sending the National Guard to contain the violence, the Wisconsin government’s Tony Overs mobilized the state's National Guard and called for help from Arizona, Michigan and Alabama. Send troops

On August 23, the president traveled to Wisconsin to assess the damage caused by last week's unrest over Jacob Blake's police firing. He was a black man who had been shot’ seven times in the back and was hospitalized’ with paralysis.

In response to the violence, Evers activated the Wisconsin National Guard on August 24. Three days later, the governor asked for help from other states.

However, Trump credited the order to the National Guard.

"It ended in an hour, as soon as we announced we were coming, and then they saw we were here. It ended immediately," Trump, told law enforcement in Kenosha. ۔ Said on the occasion of the visit.

He praised members of the National Guard, who said, "Burn the fire quickly."

Before and during his visit, Trump was sharply criticized’ by local officials and activists, who said he was trying to take political advantage of the city's ethnic wounds.

The mayors of Evers and Kenosha feared that their trip would increase tensions in the city as a result of the Black incident and the deadly firing of two protesters. Police have charged 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse with the shooting deaths. The teenager said he went to Kenosha, a town near Illinois, to protect businesses from property damage during the protests.

During the unrest across the city, Trump damaged buildings and small businesses with fire. According to the White House, he met with the owners of a furniture store, a camera shop and a candle factory.

"This is not a peaceful protest, this is really domestic terrorism," he said.

Trump said his Department of Justice will provide $1 million to Kenosha law enforcement so you can have some extra money and do what you do. He said his administration would provide $4 million to support small businesses and more than $42 million to support public safety efforts across the state.
"You went through hell a few days ago, but I feel so safe." "We're safe because of the law," Trump said.

Trump, along with Attorney General William Barr, Chief of Homeland Security Chad Wolf and Sen. Ron Johnson, R. Weiss, met with law enforcement and members of the National Guard at Bradford High School. Changed to command center. .

Trump called for a roundtable on community security, calling the violence "anti-police and anti-American riots."

Asked if he had a message for Blake's family, Trump said he wanted to talk to Blake's mother, Julia Jackson, but "it's even better if it's handled locally." Is." ۔”

Blake's family and faith leaders from 50 organizations, including Jesse Jackson, held a program where a 29-year-old boy was shot’ by a city police officer. Local and federal authorities are investigating the incident.

Jackson insisted Tuesday would not be a day of protests and demonstrations, urging audiences to resist helping make it "commercial for Trump's vision."

The festivities included music, voter registration and bonsai houses for children to play, while participants cleaned up the community.

"We've decided to do something for the community and rally for Trump's protest," said Tanya McLane, Blake 262's administrator. "It's loving and peaceful, because that's the black family."

The president said he would not meet with the family because he had requested the inclusion of his lawyers, which Trump said was "inappropriate."

As he prepared for his trip, Trump expressed support for the Rattan House, which he accused of killing two protesters and said he must have acted in self-defense. Citing a cell phone video of the incident, Trump said protesters "violently attacked" Rattan House.

Sean Whitney Baldwin, D. Vice, criticized Trump for failing to provide such leadership to Kenosha after the civil unrest.

"This president has not provided the leadership that unites the people, and he has a bad habit of separatism, which the Kenosha community and Wisconsin want or do not need," he said. They began to say. "I want President Trump to do what Jacob Blake's mother did. Julia Jackson has told every American to do the same - check your heart."

Speaking to Fox News host Laura Ingram on Monday, Trump criticized the Kenosha officer involved in Blake's shooting. "Shooting a boy in the back several times - I mean, can't you do something different?" He told the officer

"But they choke, like in a golf tournament - they lose a 3-foot discount," he said.

Kenosha NAACP chief Anthony Davis, speaking on MSNBC, condemned Trump's statement.

"I play golf," he said. "I know about choking." This is human life. ... You can't compare golf to a human life. "

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Trump is easily trolling the battlefield for votes, and wants to take advantage of the uproar to rally Democrats and rally supporters around his "peace and order" message. The Corona virus protects Americans from epidemics.

Biden urged Trump to condemn all violence, "It doesn't matter who does it, it doesn't matter if he has a political affiliation. Duration."

"If Donald Trump can't say that, then he's incompetent to be president, and it's clear that more violence - his preference - is less," he said.


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