World Health Organization sees 'very significant' resurgence in European coronavirus cases

A World Health Organization official has warned that the number of coronavirus cases across the continent could rise for the first time in months, "pushing the health care system in Europe".

Regional Director Dr. Hans Kluge said that 11 European countries had "very significant restorations" in coronavirus infections, which they did not name.

"For weeks, I've talked about the risk of rebounding as countries adjust to actions," Dr. Kluge told reporters at a virtual press conference.

“In most countries in Europe, this risk has now become a reality - 30 countries have seen an increase in new cumulative cases in the last two weeks.

"In these 11 countries, the rapid transmission has led to a significant revival. If left unchecked, health systems will once again be pushed."

WHO statistics show there are 20,000 new coronavirus cases in the European region and more than 700 deaths are associated with the virus every day.

The region includes 54 countries, including the Middle East and Central Asia. In total, more than 2.6 million infections were reported, and approximately 195,000 died.

Over the past two months, many European countries have begun to take a gradual lockdown, but have promised to lift the ban if things escalate.

Dr. Klaus praised the rapid response of schools, coal mines, and food production to countries such as Poland, Germany, and Spain, which helped bring a new batch of cases into custody.

The WHO believes the coronavirus infection rate is low in the summer but warns countries to prepare for the virus to bounce back in the autumn.

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