Trump says he has an "advantage" if he goes to Congress

Donald Trump on Saturday expressed confidence that he would be re-elected if Congress were to break the Electoral College race in 2020 election.


Trump says he has an "advantage" if he goes to Congress

"I don't want to end up in the Supreme Court, nor do I want to go back to Congress, although we benefit when we go back to Congress," Trump said at a rally in Middleton, Pennsylvania.


If Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden end up with the same number of votes, the Constitution needs to decide the outcome of the House of Representatives with one vote for its entire delegation. Republicans control 26 House delegations and Democrats 22, while the other two parties are evenly’ divided. But that may change in the newly elected Congress, which begins in January.


"Oh, they're glad to hear that. I'm sure they're trying to figure out how we can break it," the president said of the Democrats.


According to the Real Clear Politics poll average, Biden is currently ahead of Trump by about 7 percentage points, and he has won several battlefield states.


But Trump's comments show that he is keeping a close eye on what could happen in the event of a linked or disputed election.


The president reiterated his claim, without providing evidence, that excessive use of mail in the belt due to coronavirus epidemics would lead to widespread fraud.


"They are trying to steal the election," he told supporters. "Obviously, the only way to win Pennsylvania is to cheat on the ballot."


Earlier this week, Trump refused to pledge a peaceful transfer of power, saying he did not believe an "honest" election could take place


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