Vaccine trials resumed after a severe virus outbreak

Clinical trials of one of the state-of-the-art experimental Covid-19 vaccines resumed on Saturday after a brief safety break, as the number of infections continues to rise in countries around the world.

Vaccine trials resumed after a severe virus outbreak

Earlier this week, pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca and Oxford University announced that the trial of a British volunteer had been "voluntarily suspended" after he developed an incomprehensible disease.

But after a security review by British regulators on Saturday, all the clear facts were given’ to resume the trial.

The global death toll from the corona virus has risen to 916,000 with 2,850,000 infections, while France and the United Arab Emirates crossed new milestones for daily infections on Saturday.

And billions of people are suffering from the epidemic, the race for a vaccine is underway around the world, nine companies have already been tested’ in Phase 3.

Even during the break, AstraZeneca said it hoped the vaccine would be available "by the end of this year, early next year".

"In such large trials, it is expected that some participants will become ill and each case should be carefully considered," said Oxford University.

Charlotte Summers, a lecturer in intensive care medicine at Cambridge University, said the break marked the researchers' commitment to safety at the heart of their development program.

"In order to deal with Code 19 epidemic globally, we need to develop vaccines and treatments that people feel comfortable using, so it is important to maintain public confidence that we have evidence," he said. Stay tuned and don't come to any conclusions before the information becomes available. " .

- Retaliation -

That public trust will be important in convincing people who are anxious for a vaccine. And in some corners, he is skeptical.

Among those disappointed is US President Donald Trump, who has been regularly accused’ by rival Joe Biden of "undermining public confidence" and raising the possibility that a vaccine will be available before the November election.

Biden also called the train "reckless" for holding a rally in Reno, Nevada, and even had to change the venue because the incident violated local Covid 19 restrictions.

Meanwhile, some of them, possibly suspicious of a vaccine, flew to several German cities and the Polish capital, Warsaw, on Saturday, protesting against coronavirus measures and often wearing masks. Violated the rules.

The movement is made up’ of many different groups, from self-proclaimed "free thinkers" to anti-vaccine campaigners, conspiracy theorists and right-wing activists.

- Milestones of France, United Arab Emirates -

There are signs of a resurgence of the virus in several countries that took several coronavirus measures after the first wave of infection struck several months ago.

10,000 new infections were reported’ in France on Saturday, the highest daily number in the country since widespread testing began.

A day after the milestone, Prime Minister Jean Castex refused to announce any major new sanctions, despite a "clear breakdown" in the country's epidemic.

"After being isolated twice after testing ourselves negatively for the virus, we have to succeed in living with the virus, usually without reversing the idea of ​​lockdown," said Castex.

The Prime Minister revealed his fears after spending the weekend with the bosses of the Tour de France Christian Prudhomme, who had a positive experience for Cove 19.

The second country to hit another milestone on Saturday was the United Arab Emirates, which for the first time recorded more than a thousand new corona virus cases on Saturday.

In Spain, which became the first EU country to eradicate half a million infections this week, Princess Leonor's classmates were diagnosed’ with the infection.

The 14-year-old heir to the Spanish throne - who just returned to school in Madrid on Wednesday - will now have to witness a two-week quarantine.

Two close sources told AFP that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's uncle, businessman Muhammad Makhlouf, died on Saturday from Code 19.

And in Latin America, which crossed the milestone of 800,000 virus cases this week, the worst-affected Brazil blamed more than 131,000 deaths as of Saturday in Cove 19, the second highest in the world after the United States. Is.

Latvia, meanwhile, has resumed mandatory 14-day detention for those coming from neighboring Estonia due to increased traffic there.


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