A knife in a French church has killed three people in a suspected terrorist attack

A man stabbing a church in the French city of Nice has killed three people, strangled at least one, and injured several others before police arrested them.


A knife in a French church has killed three people in a suspected terrorist attack

French anti-terrorism prosecutors have launched an investigation into what the city's mayor, Christian Estrosi, called an "Islamist-fascist attack".


"He (the attacker) kept repeating Allahu Akbar (God is greater) even during the medicine," Estrosi told reporters at the scene.


A police source told AFP that two victims were killed’ in the Basilica of Notre Dame in the middle of the city on the Mediterranean coast, while a third died of his injuries after taking refuge in a nearby bar. A police source told the news agency.


"The situation is under control now," said Florence Gavello, a police spokesperson.


France has been on high alert for terrorist attacks since the January 2015 massacre in the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. A suspect in the Paris attack is on trial.


Especially in Ache, I have painful memories of the jihadist attack during Bastille Day fireworks on July 14, 2016, when a man hit his truck with a crowded target, killing 86 people.


It was part of a wave of jihadist attacks on French soil, often carried out by so-called "lone wolves", who have killed more than 250 people since 2015.


The attack prompted lawmakers to observe a minute of silence in parliament on Thursday, before Prime Minister Jean Castek and other ministers suddenly left for an emergency meeting with President Emmanuel Macron.


Estrosi, who said Macron, would arrive in Nice soon, called for churches across the country to be given’ extra security or closed as a precaution.


- High stress -


The attack comes just days after thousands of people in France beheaded a teacher in solidarity with teachers who showed cartoons to students of the Prophet of Islam.


An 18-year-old Chechen man, a history teacher, Samuel Petty, who committed the heinous crime outside Petty's school on the outskirts of Paris, was killed’ outside Petty's school on Monday. The teacher was condemned on social media by angry parents.


His assassination promised Macron a crackdown on Islamic extremism, including the closure of mosques and organizations, accused of promoting extremism and violence.


But the move has raised tensions among many Muslims that Macron is unfairly targeting an estimated five to six million Muslims in France - Europe's largest group.


Protests against France erupted in several Muslim countries, some calling for a boycott of French goods, and tensions escalated, especially between Macron and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


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