Apple unveiled the 5G iPhone on October 13 amid speculation

Apple is scheduled’ to unveil one or more new iPhones using Ultra 5G wireless technology on October 13, amid media event expectations.


Apple unveiled the 5G iPhone on October 13 amid speculation

The incident comes a month after Apple disappointed some fans with a September show that unveiled new service bundles but no new smartphones.


Apple Corps, which unveiled the new iPhones just before the holiday season has said that plans to launch the product have been delayed’ for several weeks due to a disruption in the supply chain due to epidemics.


A notice posted on Apple's website did not offer any specific hints but did include a "Hi, Speed" message, pointing to the rapid introduction of wireless networks in many parts of the world. ۔


Daniel Eves, of Wade bush Securities, said, "Across the board, we're fast looking around production and slate demand for the iPhone 12 models (expect 4 new models) to unveil at this launch event next week. Will. "


Ives said he expects strong demand from consumers looking to upgrade the old model for the new handset.


He said in a note to clients, "The important thing is that with our estimate that 350 million of the 950 million iPhones worldwide are currently in the window for upgrade opportunities, we believe that this unprecedented the grading cycle will translate.”


The news comes as Google unveiled two new smartphones with 5G wireless capability under its Pixel brand, which showcase the Android mobile system but have a limited market share.


Google's Pixel handsets have received positive reviews for their powerful cameras and integrated artificial intelligence, but they have failed to break through the front lines of the smartphone market under the influence of people like South Korea's Samsung, Apple and China's Huawei. Is.


According to research firm IDC, smartphone sales fell 16 percent in the second quarter, with Huawei leading the market ahead of Samsung, Apple and Chinese companies Xiaomi and Oppo.


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