As historic momentum continues, US initial voting tops the list at 60 million

More than 60 million Americans have eight days left in the US presidential election, a record-breaking turnout that could turn out to be the highest turnout in a century, according to data from the US Election Project on Monday. ۔


As historic momentum continues, US initial voting tops the list at 60 million

The result is the latest sign of intense interest in the race between Republican President Donald Trump and the Democratic challenger Joe Biden, as well as voters' desire to reduce their risk of COVID-19, which has garnered 225,000 votes across the United States. Has killed people.


Democrats have a significant advantage in early voting because of their embrace of the mail ballot, which Republicans have historically put in large numbers but have refused after repeated and unfounded attacks by Trump who says that this system is a victim of massive fraud.


Overall, Democrats gain about one in two in the initial turnout.


As a result of the high level of early voting, Professor Michael MacDonald of the University of Florida has been chosen’ who manages the US election plan, which predicts a record U.S. record turnout of approximately 150 million voters. Which represents 65% of eligible voters, the highest rate since 1908.


Statistics show that American voters have already cast more early votes during this presidential campaign than this year, when they passed the 47 million mark earlier this month.


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