Biden, Trump are in Florida's circle because the White House has relied on GDP figures

Donald Trump and Joe Biden pleaded guilty Thursday to this important state of Florida, revealing a radically different view of the United States in the face of huge GDP figures, even Covid-19 infections reached record highs.


Biden, Trump are in Florida's circle because the White House has relied on GDP figures

Calling for an early end to the health crisis through Trump, the "Socialist", and Biden, warned in five days that the US President would be held’ accountable for his irresponsibility and pledge to heal the "spirit" of the United States. Voters faced a dramatic choice.


Trump, 74, staged another heartbreaking rally in Tampa, happily telling the crowd that under Biden, the coronavirus lockdown would end normal life.


"They won't let you do anything," the Republican said.


"We will never close again ... we are open for business," he told supporters, adding that his own recent rivalry with Code 19 proved that Can be beaten.


"You know, the most important thing is that you get better," he said.


But the epidemic, which has already claimed 228,000 lives, has shown resilience and is undergoing another wave of long-term predictions.


On Thursday, more than 91,000 new infections were recorded’ in the United States, the longest 24 hours since the outbreak began, according to Johns Hopkins University.


Despite this serious milestone, Trump is stepping back in the election, and 81 million Americans have already made early use of the electorate. He is considering economic recovery and fears about Democrats turning the country into a failed left-wing state to overtake Biden's health message. For the rest of the electorate.


On Thursday's score, he received the good news that the annual growth of the new figures in the third quarter is 33.1%. Jaw-dropping statistics that show the economy with such ups and downs.


But choosing Biden, Trump told the Florida mob, and he would face "riots and flag-burners and left-wing extremists."


In an effort to soften the president's rugged image - beloved by his base but swinging voters - First Lady Melania Trump, who said her husband shows Americans that “we are a nation of hope”, introduced him. Not a land of fear and weakness. "


trump vs biden election 2020

- 'Heart and soul' -


Speaking at a socially remote event in Broward County, Biden reminded supporters that all states are as important as Florida in deciding the outcome of tough states.


"You have the key. If Florida turns blue, it's over!" Hours after Trump's rally in Tampa, a 77-year-old man paid tribute to supporters before holding a similar event.


Rejecting Trump's central charge, Biden reiterated his claim that he would bring responsible leadership months after the White House reduced the threat of the virus.


"I'm not going to shut down the economy; I'm not going to shut down the country. I'm going to shut down the virus," he said in Tampa, just hours after his appearance in Tampa, where participants ignored social distance guidelines. going to." And many did not wear masks.


Although Trump ridiculed him for running small campaign programs, Biden said he was leading the way, rather than holding the president's "super-spreader" programs.


"He is spreading more than just the coronavirus. He is spreading divisions and segregation. We need a president who will unite us, not separate us," he said.


"The heart and soul of this country is in danger."


- Biden ahead -


Both candidates will be in swing states with rain in the final sprint from Tuesday.


Vice President Mike Pence and Biden's comrade Kamala Harris are also wreaking havoc on the nation on the battlefields of Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and all major Pennsylvania.


Trump set the pace with a mad schedule, but Biden's campaign of surprising silence is also gaining momentum.


After Florida, Trump traveled to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to meet with troops. According to the campaign, the planned rally in the toss-up state was postponed’ until Monday due to the weather.


Mother's nature was also interfering in Biden's Tampa rally, when heavy rains forced him to cut short his comments.


Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Florida in 2016, but Biden had a 51-7 lead here in an NBC News / Marist poll released on Thursday.


A new Quinnipiac poll put Biden ahead 45-42 in Florida, with a close race in Iowa, but Biden maintained a slightly larger lead in Pennsylvania and also topped Trump in Ohio.


In Florida, the Maurice poll found Biden to have a commanding lead over black voters (84-14)women  (57-41)and independents (55-41(53-46), also supported him, a large number of voters in Sunshine State.


But she looks back to 2016 when Clinton "won and she didn't," and panicked.


"I don't trust him," he told AFP at his meeting.


"I've been doing this for months now, and I'm not stopping until election day."


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