Brazil's health minister is sick of a suspected case of COVID-19

The ministry's press office said on Tuesday that Brazilian Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello had fallen ill from a suspected case of Covid 19.


Brazil's health minister is sick of a suspected case of COVID-19

The ministry said Pazuello had a fever on Tuesday and would be tested’ in Covid 19. On Monday, the minister missed a public ceremony with President Jair Bolsonaro.


"He had a small sore throat and he went to the hospital. The ministry said on Monday that Pazuello had been discharged and was at home," Bolsonaro said at the ceremony.


Bolsonaro has tried to reduce the severity of the coronavirus, calling it a mild flu. Earlier this year, President Covid fell ill with a mild case of Alzheimer's, and several of his cabinet ministers have been infected’ before.


Bolsonaro resigned two different health ministers a month before Pazuello was’ appointed. Bolsonaro has approved the drug hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus, despite its ineffectiveness for this purpose. Former ministers have suggested a more cautious approach.


Pazuello, who has no medical degree, expanded access to hydroxychloroquine and allowed public physicians to prescribe it to almost anyone who tested positive for coronavirus.


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