EU no-confidence deadline for Google, fitbit deal extended to January 8

EU no-confidence regulators have extended their probe into Google's 2.1 billion Fitbit purchase of the A-bit unit from December 23 to January 1.

EU no-confidence deadline for Google, foot-bit deal extended to January 8

Such extensions are usually granted’ when companies request more time.


Google last month said it would restrict the use of Fitbit data for Google ads, allow wearable competitors to connect to the Android platform, and allow third parties to continue accessing FitBit users' data with their consent. Offered to facilitate.


Sources told Reuters that the concessions were aimed’ at tackling the EU's competitive concerns, possibly helping the world's most popular internet search engine secure the EU's green light.


However, they have failed to please competitors and consumers.


Among the latest critics is a group of 19 organizations, including consumer bodies and privacy advocates in the European Union, the United States and Brazil, who issued a joint letter on Thursday demanding tougher concessions from Google.


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