European affairs, such as the threat of losing control of Germany and Spain, are on record

Health officials warn that Germany and Spain are at risk of losing control of the coronavirus, as new infections have hit record highs across Europe and governments are responding appropriately. Are struggling.

European affairs, such as the threat of losing control of Germany and Spain, are on record


The outbreak of the disease in the subcontinent has prompted officials in the Czech Republic from Ireland to impose strict restrictions to prevent its spread without resorting to re-closed routes across the country, which could still lead to temporary rehabilitation. 


Czech Republic from Ireland to impose strict

Identifying the challenge, Germany registered 12,331 new infections in the 24 hours since Thursday morning, with daily infections exceeding 10,000 for the first time. The 15,199 new cases reported in Italy at the end of Wednesday were better than the previous high of 11,705, while both France and Spain were the only countries in Europe behind Russia, which numbered more than 1.4 million, with one million infections. Crossed a serious milestone.


Luther Weller, president of Germany's RKI Public Health Institute, told a news conference in Berlin on Thursday that while reiterating his call for citizens to stay away and respect hygiene laws, he said: "The general situation is very serious. It's done’.


"We need to expect that the virus will continue to spread rapidly, at least in some parts of Germany, and that the virus may spread uncontrollably," he added. Spanish Health Minister Salvador Ali said "more drastic measures" may be needed’ because the disease is out of control in some parts of the country.


Spanish authorities are already considering a curfew for the capital, Madrid. As many as 6,114 new cases were registered’ in the country on Wednesday, bringing the number to 1,005,295. France, which has imposed nighttime curfews in Paris and eight other major cities, is closer, with 1,369 infections.


Highlighting the deteriorating situation in Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic - the nation in the region worst affected by the new wave of the disease - also recorded a record 14,968 cases on Wednesday.


The government has approved a number of measures to minimize social contact as it warns that its health care system is in danger of collapsing next month. In Poland, 12,107 incidents were recorded’ in the last 24 hours on Thursday, a jump of more than a fifth from the record set a day earlier.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed to do everything possible to prevent another lockdown in the second quarter, as the economy is hurting. Although the number of infections is increasing, most communities will inevitably have to relocate, shutter businesses, and close schools and nurseries.


Some officials have suggested introducing a short "circuit breaker" lockdown to try to reduce the spread and economic impact across the country. Wieler said it was up to local health authorities to take such a step, although the RKI did not recommend it.


A two-week lockdown has been imposed’ in a Bavarian district on the Austrian border this week after an infection rate rose, prompting automatic tightening of sanctions.


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