In Florida's Bluest County, Biden Says Broward County Is Key to Presidential Election

The Florida Democrats cast a the record-breaking postal vote, with Republican presidential candidate Joe Biden taking a pigeon in deep blue Broward County in hopes of increasing his lead over President Donald Trump before the election.


In Florida's Bluest County, Biden Says Broward County Is Key to Presidential Election

The former vice president revealed in the sound of car horns as dozens of supporters gathered at an amphitheater for a drive-in rally in the heavily Caribbean American city of Miramar - a campaign that was socially excluded after the Biden campaign. Has been sworn’ in. Coronavirus epidemic emerged in March.


"It's time!" Biden spoke from a stage in Memorial Regional Park, which featured a sedan in Biden's corps and American flags. "Here in Florida, you can determine the outcome of that election. We won Florida and it's all over.


The venue of the event - part of a national campaign by Democrats urging voters to "plan to vote" - highlights the importance of Florida on the battlefield and the growing influence of the state's Caribbean black community. Therefore, the reason for this has been approved’ for both. Biden has encouraged the Jamaican US Senate since electing Kamala Harris as its running mate. Miramar is home to a large, politically active Jamaican American community and one of the busiest early polling stations in Broward County, where people cast ballots for hours to elect Barack Obama president.


On Tuesday, Broward County Mayor Dale Holness, a Jamaican-American, urged Broward's black voters to repeat the vote.


"A lot of people won't vote," he said. "When we brought Barack Obama home as president, Broward County got 72% of the vote. The African American community in Broward County got 75% of the vote. Broward County, Miramar, you have to be on the right track.


Biden's return to South Florida - after stopping in Little Haiti and Little Havana earlier this month - came just days before the initial private vote began on October 19, and Democrats quickly pushed the ballot. In the midst of the rush to return. As of Tuesday morning, about 1.8 million voters had cast their ballots. Democrats have so far cast 400,000 more ballots than Republicans.


And because Democrats are pushing for a bank ballot before election day - an important part of their Florida strategy. Some regions are more important than South Florida. So far, in Broward County, the state's most left-leaning county, more than 100,000 Democrats have voted by mail.


"It's just a record-breaking," said Eric Johnson, a Democratic political strategist based in Broward.


In Miramar, Biden's supporters came from all over Florida. Among them was 52-year-old Adelys Ferro, who made a gesture that read, "Obama saved my son." Ferro, a Venezuelan resident, said his son, Arturo, 21, was voting for the first time on Wednesday and was voting for Biden.


Glenn Joseph, 69, also welcomed Biden's speech, saying he believed it would help inspire Caribbean Americans.


Joseph, a Miramar resident and vice president of the Caribbean Democratic Cox, said, "He was consistent and visionary and should make a difference because he finally got to where he was." "Hopefully this will encourage our people to go to the polls to vote."


"We are not leaving any stone unturned. We are making sure that we will get the people involved in the election campaign by any means.


The invitation crowd kept repeating a new kind of call and response on Tuesday, when Biden accused Trump of handling the Corona virus. In a new political ad, Biden also criticized the Trump campaign for taking out-of-context comments from Anthony Fauci’s, an adviser to the Corona Virus Task Force, about the federal response to the epidemic. And he promised to break the cycle of suffrage for black communities in the United States. Speaking to George Floyd's family, the Minneapolis man who was killed’ by police was the one who Had created civil unrest.


"We have three more weeks to put an end to this madness," Biden said.


Biden began his trip to Broward County on Tuesday - where he announced, "this election will be decided." In Pembroke Pines, with a speech designed to reduce Trump among senior voters.


At the Southwest Focal Point Community Center, Biden told a small group of about a dozen invited workers and helpers that tens of thousands of lives had been lost since Trump's epidemic and that older Americans had been living longer than necessary. Forced to be isolated for a long time.


In a speech covering his face, Biden said, "Donald Trump's chaotic and divisive leadership has taken a heavy toll on us: 216,000 deaths and growing in Covid 19.


In the crowd, 93-year-old Carl Shechter, a former Pembroke Pines City commissioner and a member of a community center located in a senior housing complex, said the former


"How are you, Carl, man?" Biden asked, as the shatter fluttered in the light.


When Biden was finished, Shechter hurried to his feet and shouted. He told the Miami Herald that he was so impressed with Biden's commitment to "Obama Care."


"I think the Affordable Care Act is very important," Shechter said.


Outside, more than 75 people were waiting to catch a glimpse of Biden. Noreen Scott James, a 72-year-old hospice nurse who emigrated from South Florida 30 years ago, said Trump's policies and attitudes, especially since the spread of COVID-19, have shown that he is a " Life is short. He said Biden took matters more seriously.


"Health care is an important issue, and the epidemic response is another very important issue," he said.


Public opinion polls suggest that Trump's support for the elderly in Florida has waned as his administration dismisses the severity of the coronavirus epidemic, which makes the elderly disproportionately ill. Exit polls suggest Trump won 17-year-old votes by 17 points four years ago, with polls now showing Trump dividing the population with Biden and, in some cases, his Democratic rival. Left behind


"There's been a lot of youth voting in Florida, and thank God for that," said Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a U.S. representative attending the event. "But these are people aged 65 and over who are still running for office in Sunshine State."


Biden said in a Pembroke Pines speech that he believed Trump - who had deliberately reduced the severity of the virus - would be caught and "punished" by arresting’ Covid 19. But instead, he said, Trump has stepped up his "anonymous information" about the virus since returning to the campaign trail, starting Monday's rally at a Central Florida airport. Happened, which was attended’ by thousands of people.


Wearing his mask, Biden said, "People are left terribly surprised: 'Who's looking for me?' This is my whole story about Donald Trump's presidency." Given what is important, you never focus on it; when you are wasting precious time with your loved ones, he is trapped’ in the sand of one of his precious golf clubs.


On Tuesday, Trump's campaign criticized Biden, saying he had distorted Trump's plans for Medicare and Social Security to make it look as if Trump had killed the former and replaced the latter. ۔ The Washington Post and Politics Fact Checkers have called Biden's claims about the two security networks misleading.


"Biden is spreading misconceptions in Florida today, trying to deceive and intimidate seniors such as senior artists and career politicians," the campaign said in a news release. "Realists have blatantly lied about Biden's Social Security and Medicare, but that has not stopped Biden from repeating them anyway."


Earlier Tuesday, Trump's campaign criticized Biden as "ineligible for office," with the former vice president's graph questioning whether he was showing signs of intellectual disability. During a conference call hosted by the Trump campaign, Ronnie Jackson, a former White House physician, questioned Biden's mental retardation, but insisted he was no longer practicing medicine, saying he was old. Not engaged in worship.


Jackson said of Biden, "I have never been treated like Biden in the White House," he said of Biden, "We are choosing someone who is straightforward, multi-tasking, and able to speak and be mental." As if to be at the top of their game, and they really aren't. “And no longer acts on drugs. “I’m not criticizing him because of his age. I'm not obvious."


Biden is 77 years old. Trump is 74 years old.


Biden's latest visit to Florida is a sandwich between Trump's visits, which are expected’ to return to the state on Thursday with Miami followed by another stop on Friday. Florida has seen a tough race between Trump and Biden, and it is expected’ that Trump will get closer to Biden as soon as the personal vote begins.


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