Spokesperson: China will approve US arms suppliers to Taiwan

The Chinese government said Monday it would impose sanctions on US military contractors, including Boeing's defense unit and Lockheed Martin Corporation, over Washington's arms supply, security and Beijing's strategic intentions to counter Taiwan. To escalate the conflict with

Spokesperson: China will approve US arms suppliers to Taiwan

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Xiao Lijian said Raytheon Technologies Corporation and "relevant Americans" involved in the sale would also be’ affected. He did not elaborate on whether or when fines could be’ imposed.


The ruling Communist Party claims that Taiwan, which was’ divided as part of its territory during the 1949 civil war, has threatened to invade. Washington promised in the 1980s that it would reduce and eliminate arms sales to Taiwan, but insisted that its dispute with Beijing be resolved peacefully.


"In order to protect national interests, China has decided to impose sanctions on US companies involved in arms sales to Taiwan," Zhao said at a regular news briefing.


Relations between Sino-US security, technology, the coronavirus epidemic and human rights disputes have been’ strained for decades.


Taiwan has long been a source of tension in relations. The island of Washington has no formal relationship with the democratically elected government, but it is a key ally. U.S. law requires the government to ensure that Taiwan can defend itself. Weapons sales on the island have increased in quantity and quality.


China has stepped up military activity around Taiwan in an effort to force President Sue Kyiv to grant concessions to the pro-independence administration. The Communist Party is using the growing economic weight of the land to increase pressure on other governments to sever diplomatic and non-governmental relations with Taiwan.


Last week, Beijing called on Washington to cancel planned sales of more than 135 precision land-attack missiles worth more than 1 1 billion to improve its defenses.


A government spokesperson, Xiao, said the sale "severely damaged China's sovereignty and security interests."


Beijing regularly puts pressure on US companies, including Boeing, to influence US policy. China is one of Boeing's largest markets for commercial aircraft, which could threaten to boycott it, but Xiao mentioned Boeing's military arm, Boeing Defense, not its civilian jetliner business.


Beijing has also announced sanctions against US lawmakers, saying the Communist Party has re-detained Muslim ethnic minorities in education camps.


Chinese spokesperson Xiao called on Washington to "stop arms sales to Taiwan and stop any military engagement with Taiwan."


"We will continue to take the necessary steps to safeguard the interests of national sovereignty and security."


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