Trump: Biden 'will listen to scientists' if elected

President Trump sarcastically warned at his rally in Nevada late Sunday that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden would "listen to scientists" if elected and would impose further lockdowns to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Trump: Biden 'will listen to scientists' if elected

Trump told participants in Carson City that his rival's supporters would "hand over the future to the virus," saying: "He wants to lockdown."


"They will listen to the scientists," Trump said sarcastically, "if I listened to the scientists completely, we would still have a country that would suffer from widespread depression instead." Rocketship Take a look at the numbers. "


He also targeted Democratic governors, accusing them of "shutting down their states", along with preventive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus epidemics, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. It has more than 8.1 million cases and more than 219,000 deaths in the United States.


Biden's campaign spokesman, Andrew Bates, emphasized the president's remarks in a statement on Twitter late Sunday night, saying the claims were "clearly out of touch and polar opposed to reality."


Butts added, "Trump has destroyed the strong economy inherited from the Obama Biden administration lying and attacking science, and the holidays are growing. Meanwhile, Biden has created millions more jobs than Trump." Will do. "


Trump also warned during his rally on Sunday that "Christmas season will be canceled" if Biden wins in November.


"The Christmas season will be canceled. Look, remember I said we were going to bring back Christmas? Name? Remember? We brought it back. Remember?" He asked.


"They will say, 'Good weather.' I say, "No, I don't want a good season. I want to say Merry Christmas. Say Merry Christmas." "Now, they're all saying 'Merry Christmas.'


Trump has dug his heels in opposition to political correctness as part of his election campaigns in 2016 and 2020, especially when it comes to Christmas. Along with his campaign, during his presidency, Trump has often preached what he called the "war on Christmas" in evangelical evangelism and in the appeal of Christian conservative voters.


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