Trump, Biden's confusion over Wall Street relations, fundraising

President Trump on Thursday night accused Democratic nominee Joe Biden of raising large sums of money from Wall Street donors, saying he could blow up Biden's fundraising campaign but did not need the campaign. 


Trump, Biden's confusion over Wall Street relations, fundraising

In the presidential debate, Biden appeared to accuse Trump of being in contact with stock traders who tried to take advantage of the collapse of the market by hitting COVID-19.


Trump retorted that Biden had set his own fundraising record by taking big money from Wall Street.


"You're the guy who takes all the money off Wall Street, I don't take it," Trump said. "You raised a lot of money, a lot of money. And every time you raise money, there are deals. I can raise that much money, as president and someone who knows most of these people, I Wall Street is the head of every company in America and I will blow up every record. But I don't want to do that because it has put me in a bad situation ... You take money from Wall Street. No, not me. I can blow your record like you can't believe it. "


Biden rejected Trump's claim, saying his average donation was $ 43.


Trump began the election cycle with a big cash advantage over Biden. But the president's campaign spent too much in the early days of the cycle, and the Biden campaign has beaten Trump in raising funds every month this year, except for one.


Biden's campaign came to the bank in October with more than $ 177 million, while Trump's campaign entered the last month with only $ 63.1 million.


Trump says he doesn't need extra cash, pointing to 2016 when Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton angered him.


"We don't need money, we have enough money," Trump said. "We actually beat Hillary Clinton by a small fraction of what she could have raised."


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