Imran Khan is ready to listen to pro-PTI lawmakers

Imran Khan is ready to listen to pro-PTI lawmakers

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said he was ready to listen to the concerns of 20 to 30 PTI MNAs and like-minded MPAs who are investigating the case against PTI leader Jahangir Tareen. Have been active since the beginning. The sugar crisis

"I am ready to listen to everyone, but people should understand why all this happened. In just one year, the price of sugar has gone up by Rs 26, ”he told the media after laying the foundation stone of low-cost housing units here under the New Pakistan Housing Program. From Rs. 1 billion to Rs. 1130 billion reached the sugar mill owners from the pockets of the people. Obviously, it is the government's job to protect the public interest.

The prime minister said the government had ordered the FIA ​​to conduct an investigation that revealed that the sugar mill owners had formed a cartel that manipulated prices. "They don't pay taxes, undeclared sugar, it's all in the FIA ​​report," he said.

If anyone has any concerns, we can consider them. But it cannot be that we do not ensure the rule of law. "There can be no two different laws for the powerful and the poor because the destruction in society has always been caused by the powerful elite," he added. Imran Khan said that societies could not survive without the rule of law and when the powerful and corrupt elites were not held responsible for their mismanagement. He linked the prosperity and development of a country and a nation with the rule of law and its application.

In response to a question about the release on bail of Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Imran Khan said that corrupt rulers borrowed billions of rupees from the national exchequer. There was irreparable evidence of their corruption. No change can happen unless society decides to hold the corrupt accountable, he said, "Tell me a nation in the world where the rule of law prevails and it is still mired in poverty? Poverty and rising prices in the country today were a sign of their corruption.

On the affordable housing scheme, the Prime Minister said it was being made possible because, in the past, no one in Pakistan had ever thought of the poor. He said the government could provide housing subsidies with the help of banks, adding that in the past, banks were reluctant to extend credit facilities due to forecasting rules.

He observed that the government was providing a subsidy of Rs. 300,000 per housing unit, besides reducing interest rates in collaboration with banks, which would enable aspirants to pay at least monthly installments. I will help.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday laid the foundation stone of a low-cost housing project in Sargodha district under the New Pakistan Housing Program. The Prime Minister was briefed about the project under which 1,175 houses of three marlas each would be constructed at six places in the Sargodha district. The Punjab government will provide land and other facilities for the project.

Construction will be carried out by the Frontier Works Organization. Bank of Punjab will take charge of the mortgage facility which will enable the deserving people to pay the total price of the house in easy installments. For the allotment of houses in this project, New Pakistan Housing Authority will allot houses to deserving people through the ballot.

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