Trump called the case a "mercy from God," Hails antibody treatment

President Donald Trump credited Regeneron’s Pharmaceutical Inc.'s experimental monoclonal antibody treatment for the coronavirus recovery and announced on Wednesday that he would allow emergency use of the treatment and provide it to Americans free of charge. Will do 


Trump called the case a "mercy from God," Hails antibody treatment

"I want everyone to be treated like your president, because I feel great," Trump said in a video posted on Twitter Wednesday evening. "It wasn't a cure for me. Well, it made me better." They began to say. "I call it a cure."


Trump added that he believed the discovery of the virus was "a blessing from God" because it tested the regenerative monoclonal antibodies, which he said were needed’ for their recovery. Is "key". Announcement


Trump performed treatments, Glade Sciences Antiviral Therapy, as well as experimental treatments with the steroid dexamethasone. But the president said he had specifically asked doctors to provide him with regenerative treatment.


Delays in the president's remarks sent Regeneron's shares up 2.7%. Eli Lilly & Co., which provides competitive antibody treatments, also mentioned by Trump, jumped 1.7%.


Trump has reiterated that he believes the United States will have a vaccine "very, very soon" but said for the first time that this was not possible until after the November 3 presidential election. Following the Food and Drug Administration's new standards Tuesday, the president blamed "politics" for delaying the approval of a corona virus vaccine until after the election.


Trump also claimed in the video that he had been shot and dropped on the South Lawn of the White” House. He did not believe he needed to be hospitalized’ at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center over the weekend, but doctors insisted because of his office.


"I walk, I don't like it," Trump said. "After 24 hours, I was feeling so good that I wanted to get out of the hospital. And that's what I wanted for everyone.


Trump's doctors said on Wednesday that they had found antibodies in his bloodstream in a test on Monday. Regeneron’s said in an email that his drugs could be responsible for the antibodies, rather than Trump preparing them himself.


The company said Wednesday night that it had made a formal request to the FDA for emergency use permission. The company added that if the permit is approved’ it will provide food to about 50,000 patients at no cost.


Still, it's impossible to know if he's feeling better because of drugs, Trump's treatment or dexamethasone. It is also unclear if he has "recovered", as people infected with the virus return to their worst symptoms once a week or more.


"I hope you'll stay healthy," the Democratic nominee, who complained about Biden Trump's decision to call antibody treatment a "cure," told a reporter.


Biden also criticized Trump for brushing off the coronavirus.


The former vice president told reporters in Wilmington, "I think the tragedy for President COVID is that it is not a matter of worrying about the deaths of 210,000 people already." "I think it's a tragedy."


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