Trump says he has always fought against Abraham Lincoln

Donald Trump said on Monday that he had "always competed" against Abraham Lincoln, as he once again tried to compare himself and the 19th-century celebrity, who was born into a poor family. Key, who ruled the United States through the Civil War and played a key the role, Role in the abolition of slavery


Trump says he has always fought against Abraham Lincoln

"You know we're Abraham Lincoln's party, a lot of people don't know it. Great Abraham Lincoln, someone I've always competed with." At IG Flight Services in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania - a key battleground in the November election.


"I said, 'I can be more president than any other president so far, except for the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln when he's wearing a hat,'" Added, where Democratic challenger Joe Biden has a healthy pool lead on his home turf.


At 6 feet 4in, Lincoln overcame many of his teammates. Mr. Trump is 6 feet 2 inches. He was even more impressed’ by Lincoln's appearance by wearing a high-top hat, which Mr. Trump hinted at in his remarks. In addition to playing a key role in the abolition of slavery, Lincoln was a strong defender of democracy and the United States.


Mr. Trump, meanwhile, has launched a full-scale attack on the media during his tenure, using racist tactics related to dog whistles during his campaign and questioning the legitimacy of the November election results. Have tried


His comments Monday night were not the first time he had compared himself to Lincoln. In September, the president told an election rally in Atlanta, Georgia, that Lincoln was "not big in the Spanish movement" when he tried to please Latino voters. He then told the majority city that his administration had done more for his community since Lincoln.


The president's visit to Pennsylvania took place during an election campaign in which the votes of 20 electoral colleges could be key in deciding who enters the next White House.


Leaving Mr. Biden behind by about 55 percentage points, Mr. Trump sought to get his message home about the collapse in a situation where the economy is heavily dependent on the energy industry.


With just a week to go before election day, Mr. Trump told supporters at a separate rally in Allen Town that "Biden has confirmed his plan to shut down the entire American oil industry." He was referring to remarks made by Mr. Biden, 77. Last week's presidential debate in which he said he would "move" away from the oil industry.


Mr. Biden immediately clarified his remarks, telling reporters in remarks following the debate that he intended to end the fossil fuel subsidy instead of eliminating the industry altogether. Mr. Trump has been claiming for months that Mr. Biden wants to ban fracking. Mr. Biden has said he will only push for federal pledges to repeal the new oil and gas permit - not the current one, as in Pennsylvania.


Mr. Biden will campaign on the aggression with a visit to Georgia on Tuesday, as he enters the area where Mr. Trump was expected’ to easily repeat his victory four years ago. He is scheduled’ to travel to Iowa this weekend, which Trump scored 10 points in 2016.


His senators from California, Kamala Harris, are moving to Arizona and Texas, where Republicans have not lost any state office since 1994. This is the longest series of political victories in the country. Mr. Trump will travel to Michigan, Iowa and New England over the weekend before hitting other key swing states.


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