Biden promises quick, scientific action on virus

President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday vowed immediate action to tackle the US coronavirus crisis, signaling science will dominate the national response after Donald Trump leaves the White House.


Biden promises quick, scientific action on virus

Biden’s promise, in his first national address since defeating Trump, came after a three-day record infection in the United States, which now has more than 237,000 casualties.


The worries of Europe's second wave deepened, with Greece becoming the most modern European country to enter Poland on Saturday, and Poland introducing new restrictions on the movement of people.


In France, where a dramatic increase in infections has put pressure on hospitals, the death toll has risen to more than 40,000 after 306 deaths were’ confirmed.


The United States has long been the worst affected country.


Critics of Trump have blamed him for his disruptive response, which has seen him defame a top US infectious disease specialist, discourage facial masks and address campaign rallies.


At Biden's victory event, which followed social distance guidelines, the top president-elect will be assigned’ to his Corona Virus Task Force on Monday.


Biden told supporters: "On Monday I will name a group of leading scientists and experts as transition advisers who will help take the Biden Harris project and turn it into a real map. Starting January 2021. "


Earlier, he had called for an end to the epidemic.


"I want everyone, everyone, to know on this day that we are putting into practice our plan to fight this virus," Biden said before he was declared’ the winner.


Unlike Biden, Trump held large-scale election rallies ahead of the Nov. 3 vote, insisting that the United States was "taking a turn" despite the rise of the virus.


Trump himself campaigned after dealing with the virus.


Senior members of his administration have also recently been infected’ with the virus. Trump's chief of staff, Mark Meadows, was the latest to test positive.


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The number of global epidemics in Europe has risen to 49 million in recent weeks, and has become a new epidemic.


Under new measures in Greece, people can leave home only if they apply for a mobile phone and get permission.


Essential stores, including supermarkets and pharmacies, may remain open.


Haircuts are also allowed’ to remain open, but only for two days, and they are booked.


"I want to have my hair done so that what I see in the mirror in the morning during the lockdown doesn't make me sad," Petrina said before Sunday's appointment.


The measures come after tougher sanctions were imposed’ in Italy, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom, while Germany and other countries have also introduced new measures.


The UK banned all non-resident foreigners from Denmark on Saturday after finding a variant of the coronavirus in humans linked to mink farms.


In Germany, 23,399 new cases and 130 deaths were recorded’ daily on Saturday.


But protesters, some wearing masks, protested against the new restrictions in the East German city of Leipzig.


Organizers put up 20,000 turnouts, while police said some attacked them after being told’ to disperse.


Robert Cohen, 39, told AFP: "I can easily see the result of these attacks: the isolation of people from these measures, the risk of bankruptcy."


"I don't have the virus, they present the Coronavirus crisis as a goal, but there is more to it," said fellow protester Ann.


Clashes between protesters and police have also broken out in recent weeks in parts of Italy and the Czech Republic.


In the Catholic Philippines, one of the world's longest-running Christmas festivities, which began in September, people were trying to join in the festivities despite public gatherings being banned’ and curfews imposed at night.


"With or without coyotes, we have to celebrate whatever Christmas we have, it's a Filipino tradition," said Cecilia Moore, wearing a mandatory mask, when she paid 2,500 pesos for festive lights to decorate her home ($ 52) paid.


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