It's difficult to manage Messi, said Setien, a former Barca boss

According to former Barcelona head coach Quick Setien, Lionel Messi is "difficult to manage" at Camp Nou.

It's difficult to manage Messi, said Setien, a former Barca boss

Twelve-sacked Stein after a tumultuous 2019-20 season that saw the club take on bitter rivals Real Madrid in La Liga and beat Bayern Munich 8-2 ​​in the Champions League quarterfinals. ۔


Real boss Setien at the end of the campaign, only to be wiped out’ in January by Ernesto Valverde replaced Ronaldo.


Setien hailed welcomed Messi but reflected the difficult times he had won the Ballon d'Or six times in Barcelona.


"I think Messi is the best of all time." "There have been other great players who have been great, but no one has been able to keep this guy going for years.


"It's hard to manage Leo. Who would I change him! If he had accepted it for years and not changed it.


"There is another aspect beyond just the athlete and it is more difficult to manage. And more difficult. It is inherited’ from many athletes who can be seen in the Michael Jordan documentary ['The Last Dance']. See things you don't expect.


"He's very safe but he shows you what he wants. He doesn't talk much."


Satin, who has announced legal action to deal with Barca's dismissal, added: "What I'm making clear is that after leaving, there were times when I wanted to make other decisions, but your Have something: Club.


"And it's more than the president, the player, the coach. They're the club and the fans. They're the people you respect the most, and you have to do what is easiest for the club."


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