November 1 is a religious holiday. The saints celebrated today

The Orthodox Church and the Greek Catholic Church today commemorate the holy martyrs Cosmas and Damian, also known as the "Doctor of Wages." In the Roman Catholic Church, it is Saint's Day, when all the martyrs in the Christian name are’ named.


November 1 is a religious holiday. The saints celebrated today

Orthodox calendar

St. Dr. Silver and Miracle Workers in Cosmos and Damian, Asia

Sunday 22 after Pentecost


Greek-Catholic Calendar

Sunday 22 AD St. Cosmos and Damian, Dr. without charge


Roman Catholic Calendar

All saints


 On November 1, the Orthodox Christian calendar mentions Pak doctors without silver cosmos and Damian.


Saints Cosmas and Damian were brothers of Asian descent, an infidel father and a Christian mother named Theodotia. Remaining a widow, his mother gave him a perfect Christian upbringing. And because they live according to the Bible, they have become like two shining ones, shining on the earth with good deeds.


Living a perfect life, these two brothers received the gift of healing from God, healing souls and bodies, healing all kinds of diseases, curing all kinds of diseases, and casting out clever souls. ۔


"But they not only helped humans but also beasts and did not get anything from anyone, because they did not do all this for wealth, not to enrich themselves with gold and silver. Rather, for God's sake, so that they may be shown their love. By the love of one's neighbor, they did not seek human glory through their healing, but the glory of God "(part" Life of the Saints ").


Extraordinary theological gifts and the fact that they healed without asking for anything in return - according to Christ's command: "The gift you have received as a gift" (Matthew 10: 8). Doctor without silver. "". They went to the Lord in peace and true faith. (Source: Volume. "The Life of the Saints")


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