Kanye West sues opera crew for $1 million in unpaid wages

Kanye West is facing legal action for failing to pay workers for his live opera show.


Kanye West sues opera crew for $1 million in unpaid wages

The 43-year-old rapper is accused of paying staff "unpaid wages" and "failure to pay the minimum wage and overtime", demanding $1 million (£770,100) in compensation. Is.


Easy Founder - who accepted his bid for the US presidency last night, premiered the opera at the 17,500-capacity Hollywood Bowl last year, just weeks after the release of his Jesus Ice King album.


According to documents obtained by The Blast, a group of employees at Kanye and Promoters Live Nation are being prosecuted’ with a hair assistant accusing those working on the production of being "unpaid." Wages, fixed salary, damages, civil penalties, legal penalties and "lawyer's fees and expenses".


He claimed that his day rate was paid’ late along with other fees, and that employees were charged’ for collecting checks.


Meanwhile, it has been further alleged that the gold digger hitmaker "failed to pay adequate compensation" to dozens of employees, including several actors from his show.


The documents state that "defendants monitored, controlled and operated the production, and enraged employees worked long hours on production and were not paid on time for their work, or not paid at all." "The documents state.


Kanye and his team have not yet publicly responded to the lawsuit, which was filed in August by tech company My Channel Inc. after it filed a $20 million (£15.4 million) claim. Who claimed to have "stolen" his technology for his Sunday service concert


He is accused’ of demanding that Michael Chanel Inc. work for six months without pay, while promising to invest $10 million (£7.7 million) in the company.


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