The United States says North Korea is a top priority for the United States

The United States says North Korea is a top priority for the United States

WASHINGTON - North Korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program is a top priority for the United States and Washington is determined to deny it, the Secretary of State said Friday.

Department spokesman Ned Price said the Biden administration's lack of direct intervention with North Korea should not be taken as an indication that the challenge posed by its weapons programs is not a priority.

"It's really too much," he told a regular briefing.

"North Korea has continued to make progress on its nuclear and missile programs in recent years, which makes it a top priority for the United States, and we need to work together with our allies and partners," Price said. Are committed to

"And ... the basic premise is that we are committed to making North Korea undeclared," he said.

Lacking direct engagement to date, Price said: "Our job is to make sure we work on a diplomatic basis, that we are in close contact with our partners and allies." There is an integrated approach.

The Biden administration, which took office last month, says it is reviewing North Korea's policy in consultation with allies, particularly South Korea and Japan, following former President Donald Trump's extraordinary engagement with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Persuade Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons.

A U.S. intelligence report released by Reuters on Monday states that North Korea developed its own nuclear and ballistic missile programs in 2020 in violation of international sanctions and 300 million in funds stolen by cyber-hacks. I helped.

President Joe Biden's top Asia official, Kurt Campbell, has said the administration should immediately decide how to approach North Korea and not repeat the Obama-era delay that has caused Pyongyang's "provocation." "The measures prevented the engagement.

Foreign Secretary Anthony Blanken, who discussed North Korea with his South Korean counterpart on Thursday, said the use of additional sanctions to coordinate with allies would put pressure on North Korea. Can be inserted.

Biden called Kim a "thug" during his campaign, saying he would only meet him if he agreed that he was pulling out his nuclear capability to get there.

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