The UK called for national security to investigate NVidia's ARM agreement

The UK called for national security to investigate NVidia's ARM agreement

LONDON (Reuters) - The UK government will consider the implications of national security for the purchase of ARM Holdings, a British chip designer by US group Nodia, it said on Monday, calling into question the billion 40 billion deal.

Digital Minister Oliver Dowden said on Monday that he had issued a so-called "intervention notice" on the sale of ARMs to Naveedia through Japan's Softbank.

"As a next step and to help me gather relevant information, the UK's Independent Competition Authority will now prepare a report on the implications of this deal, which will help inform further decisions," he said. Will get

Nvidia said he did not believe the agreement raised any issues of national security.

"We will continue to work with the British authorities, as we have done since the announcement of this agreement," said Nvidia, the largest company in the United States through market capitalization.

ARM is a key player in global semiconductors, a core component of technologies ranging from artificial intelligence and quantum computing to 5G telecom networks.

The government said semiconductors also strengthen the UK's key national infrastructure and include technologies related to defense and national security. He added that security officials had informed him of the decision to intervene.

The government says the Competition and Markets Authority will review the agreement's competence, jurisdiction and national security implications, with a report due by July 30.

Dowden will then decide whether to terminate the contract with or without the company involved or will be referred for further investigation.

Takeover, announced in September, provides key players under the control of a key player to multiple silicon chip makers.

ARM, which was founded and still resides in Cambridge, England, does not make chips but has developed an instruction set architecture based on the design of computing courses.

Its chip design and technology is licensed to customers such as Qualcomm Inc., Apple and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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