At the new seaside building, Rihanna splits 15 415K per month

Rihanna is dropping 15 415,000 per month on the new ocean building.
The 'Only Girl in the World' hitmaker spent a staggering amount of money in her new home and set up Kardashian's 2014 show 'Take the Hamptons on Courtney & Lo.'

His broker Dylan Eckhardt confirmed to the New York Post that Rihanna owns a five-bedroom home, conveniently located on the North Sea in the Hamptons.

The house is 8,900 square feet and is less than 85 meters long with a swimming pool and a private dock overlooking the ocean. There are six bathrooms and the property has all the best amenities.

In addition to spending money on her new home, Rihanna recently revealed she is donating to help support global coronavirus support efforts.

'We Found Love' Singer Clara Lionel Foundation has announced that it will be helping the front line world to fight Kovid-19 and fight the disease.

Clara Lionel Foundation Executive Director Justin Lucas said in a statement, "Protecting and preparing the marginalized and underserved communities is more important or not necessary - they are the ones most affected by this epidemic."

The money will be used for a variety of reasons, including funding for Haiti and Malawi to help supply food banks that are currently feeding the weak and elderly, as well as providing greater coronavirus testing and care in countries.

It is also hoped that the funds will be used to purchase protective equipment, such as gloves and masks, in intensive care units and to train vaccines and health workers around the country.

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