Cynthia leaks more secrets

ISLAMABAD: American blogger Cynthia De Richey has said she is completely against the allegations leveled against PPP leaders.

Cynthia, while hosting Shehzad Iqbal and another private news channel on Geo News' Program Neo-Pakistan, alleged that Rehman Malik had promised to resolve his visa issue by sending a driver. She accused Rahman Malik of giving her a poisonous drink and then raping her.

When she met Rahman Malik, Richie arranged for her a bouquet, a valuable mobile phone, and a drink gift. After the rape, she alleged that Rahman Malik had sent her back to her residence. He alleged that Rahman Malik had given the driver 2 thousand pounds sterling, which had pushed him away. She said she had complained to the US embassy but had not received a positive response.

Concerning Yusuf Raja Gilani, Cynthia accused him of embarrassing her and that Makhdoom Shahabuddin tried to massage her shoulders. He told Shahabuddin to stay away. He said his tweet about Benazir Bhutto was based on information shared by senior PPP leaders.

Cynthia stated that she met Yusuf Raja Gilani at Yuan-e-Sadr. He said he would check his entry in the logbook kept by the Presidency. He said there were four other people present at the meeting. As they were leaving, Jilani tried to hug him, he said. When she went back, the other people in the room looked like nothing had happened.

The American blogger claims to have found a link between PPP and PTM. "This is not a headache for the PPP as I am working on any visa in Pakistan," he said, adding that his agenda is true and it comes in court.

Cynthia said she can now talk about these events as they have increased contacts in PPP, PML-N, and PTI. He said he was now threatened by the PPP and that his family could not escape.

Yusuf Raja Gilani has previously said that the PPP has responded to the allegations of an American citizen. He said what Cynthia was doing during the presidency was when the state of war was so dangerous during a time of terror on security. He said he didn't even know Cynthia. He said that most people meet a Prime Minister every day and cannot remember everything. He said the party would decide on the legal action against Cynthia's allegations.

Makhdoom Shahabuddin said he could swear that Cynthia's allegations were baseless and that there was someone else behind them. He said the matter should be thoroughly investigated. Meanwhile, Synthesis Richie stated in a tweet that she will sue PPP, Rahman Malik, and others in the coming week.

She said that the US Embassy in Islamabad had been informed and that the meetings were being held to follow up on these matters. "Karma is coming for you," warned the PPP.

He questioned why Bilawal Bhutto Zardari did not respond to his allegations in his Friday press. Adding this: “If I am found by a competent expert to lie, I will be punished according to law. If I tell you the truth, the accused should be punished according to law. '

In another post that was later dismissed, "My first goal is the PPP, but I am not leaving the other political parties, the PML-N, the PTI, and the top journalists. Who are you coming to? I have raped the famous PTI minister."

In an Indian media report quoting the former TV host and him, the Prime Minister said, "It's a lie ... the PPP and their Indian lobby are on it again."

In another tweet, he said: "What happened to me was a pattern of sexual exploitation or power projection. Abuse of power is common among the Pakistani elite - and it is between the two sexes."

Meanwhile, a journalist talking to a private TV channel said he had recently attended a reception in Moldova and had met Cynthia Richie Yusuf Raza Gilani, and his gesture and introduction seemed to be dating.

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