Former TV aide John Bolton claims Kim Jong-un is taking a huge advantage with 'laughter' in a TV interview

The president's former national security adviser, John Bolton, said the release of a "big laugh" from Donald Trump's belief that North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un is friends.

Mr. Bolton sat down for an interview with ABC News, which aired Sunday to promote his new book, The Room When It Happened, which hit the shelves on Tuesday.

Asked by ABC's Martha Redgett whether Mr. Trump "really loves Kim Jong-un," Mr. Bolton replied that he did not know any other explanation for the president's statements.

"I think Kim Jong-un gets a big laugh out of it. What I mean is, these letters to the president's papers - the record and whatnot, but I was in the room when he was doing this - were written by some officials in the North Korean Workers Party's Azotrop office," Mr. Bolton said he was referring to personal letters written to the North Korean leader, Mr. Trump.

"Furthermore, the president saw them as a testament to this deep friendship. Even though it is a very private affair, this does not change the fact that Kim Jong-un will never give up his nuclear weapons program. Said Bolton.

The nuances of national security are only a matter of concern as Trump decides that a meeting with Mr. Kim will lead to political gains.

"He's focused on it - he's got this huge photo opportunity. The first time an American president met a North Korean leader," Bolton said.

"And he got a lot of attention from it. I thought it was a strategic mistake. The US got nothing from him. Donald Trump got a lot. The United States gave this dictator a lot of legitimacy. "Mr. Said Bolton.

Mr. Trump has said on several occasions that he believes that face-to-face meetings with Mr. Kim should win the Nobel Peace Prize, despite Mr. Trump's leaders and scholars of his own party. There is no lasting positive impact on America. -North Korea relations.

After Mr Trump and Mr Kim first met in Singapore in June 2018, Mr Trump wanted to hold more meetings, which Mr Bolton thought was a bad idea and a waste of time.

"He wanted another meeting, and finally I was Mr. President. He was a small country that the rat dictator *** didn't deserve to meet with you," Mr. Bolton said.

"The president's response was, 'You know, you have a lot of hostility. Sure, I have more hostility. But you have a lot more hostility.' I don't usually take that kind of approach with the president, and I try to do it in a more intelligent language, but there are times when he doesn't want to hear it, "Mr. Said Bolton.

A former National Security Adviser who has served three national Republican presidents in various national security and diplomatic roles plans to write his 2020 presidential vote in the name of a "conservative Republican," a spokesman said in a statement Sunday.

In April 2018, Mr. Bolton Minn. Trump has become the third national security adviser. He resigned in September 2019 with several halal with the President.

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