Police: 9 bullets wounded in Syracuse, New York, 'celebration'

Officials said the SY.ACUSE, N.Y.  Authorities say nine people were shot during a Saturday night "celebration" in central New York.

One in nine victims was a 17-year-old boy with a gunshot wound to the head, and eight others, aged 18 to 53, according to a Syracuse police release.

No one was immediately taken into custody, and Syracuse Police Chief Kenton Buckner insisted that appearing at a press conference with Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh was the first appearance.

Syracuse officials arrived at the scene shortly before 9 p.m. For reports of a stolen car, but responding officers were meeting with people who opened fire on a "few hundred" crowd. A police chief said his officers did not hear the sound of gunshots.

The incident was "a kind of celebration," centered on a parking lot near downtown Syracuse, Buckner said, adding that many of the shots were fired in the area. Valesh said City Permit was not issued for the incident. Believe.

The mayor said, "We will not allow a meeting of this size."

Additional information about the nature of the ceremony was not immediately available.

Buckner said the scene is safe for the public. Walsh said agencies in the area helped to respond to the incident.

The police chief said the vehicle accident was "self-transporting to the hospital" along with a police officer. "

Information regarding the age and identity of the victims was not immediately released. Buckner said it was too early to say whether the victims were related.

"Our city is a very resilient city. We talked a lot about our history, which we certainly remember, but we are trying to find out who is responsible for it so that we can hold those people accountable," the police chief said.

Responding to a press conference at a press conference, Walsh said the fireworks - at least two gone, the police chief and the mayor - appeared on the shoulders - and the US.

"This is our city. We're going to do everything we can to protect it," the mayor said.

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