Courtship: The August 15th season is aimed at renewal

The Premier Ship Rugby 2019-20 season is set to resume on Saturday, August 15.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, no matches have been played since March 8, but clubs have been approved to begin non-contact training.

At the top of the exit table are five-point sales, with the Bristol and Northampton Saints third and fourth.

"It's important for players, coaches and clubs to clarify when and where they can return," said Premier Ship Head Darren Children.

"Nothing will happen until it is safe to do so, but we will do everything we can to resume the 2019-20 Gallagher Premahal Rugby campaign on Saturday 15 August."

Premier Ship said it was yet to decide whether the games would be played behind closed doors, but the structure and format for the rest of the campaign "will follow in due course."

Each team has nine more games to play in the regular season, but is already set to play in the Championship with the Seahawks.

The BBC has previously reported how Premier Ship Rugby is auditing its club grounds to find suitable venues to host games when the season begins.

Bath chief executive Tarkin McDonald described the premier ship's announcement as "very positive" and said everyone was "desperate to come back and play".

He said: "We welcome the news and the important thing is that we can now set a time limit to increase the readiness for our athletes to return to competition when that time comes in August."

All levels of the top flight down game have canceled their season, with the Newcastle Falcons leading the championship confirmed to be promoted to the Premiership for 2020-21.

Non-contact training should be done in small groups, each person at least two meters apart.

Premier League football clubs have moved into the second phase, which allows contact training in large groups.

It is not known when the Premier Ship Club will move to the second phase.

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