The Catholic Church is the director of gay music to marry a woman

Gonda was fired on Wednesday as a music director for marrying a woman - three decades later - to help run her family's musical career - a relationship she says will never be a secret. Not with his family, friends, church, or clergy.

In recent weeks, Gonda has said that someone in the Detroit Archdiocese has been fond of her marital status and decided that something has to be done, and same-sex marriage has made her morally disqualified to perform her job.

As she explained in the June 12 email: "Archdioc chooses to activate its ethics clause to terminate her employment."

Despite its long association with the LGBTQ community and its past, the term Gonda has been coined by the Catholic Church: a sexual harassment scandal involving pedophile priests. Closure. Homosexuals refused to feast. Homosexuals were fired.

The 59-year-old Gonda has seen it all, yet he loves the faith so passionately and has spent much of his adult life bringing young people to the Catholic Church, saying that the company saved his life during his darkest years.

After the breakup that led to suicide, Gonda received salvation from St. John Fisher in Auburn Hills, a progressive college in Auburn Hills, who accepted and embraced her under the guidance of a pastor. Took the approach of "heart."

She has never been shy about marrying a gay man, or the love of her life: she met Christy Reeve, 51, on a tour of England in 1994. They were married in 2011.

But he is angry now.

And heartbreak.

"It's a bullet to the head from the headquarters," Gonda said. "The inhumanity of this is not right ... my heart hurts because I have love for them. I love them. I believe they are doing the right thing - they are trying to protect the church."

However, that should not happen, said Gonda, who believes something big is happening. He said that Orthodox Catholics, like him, were in the process of reforming liberal parishes, and in the process could mislead homosexuals.

"I have to say something," Gonda said. "People were worried and thinking," If they can fire Terry, I'm ahead. "

So she is helping to promote unity in her church.

“My soul is full of sorrow. But in my spirit, something is happening. ” "There are signs. The Lord is in it ... God is preparing us in the store. There must be a better way."

In a statement Wednesday to the Free Press, the Detroit Archdiocese said: "As a long-standing practice, the Detroit Archives does not comment on personnel matters, but on the privacy of participants."

'This is not Christian'
Gonda fires nine days after the U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling that provides federal employment security for gay, lesbian and transgender workers.

In a 6-3 ruling, the country's highest court ruled that it was illegal for workers to be fired under federal law for homosexual or transgender, preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. Most importantly, “sex” discrimination must be understood to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

However, the historical decision does not apply to Gonda because his employer is a religious institution, and the courts have historically been immune from such lawsuits because of the separation of churches and states.

In particular, Gonda said she was fired because her job was considered ministerial, and the church ministry banned employees from marriage and sex.

The former pastor of St. John Fisher, who served there for 32 years, is the Rev. Fr. Jerry Brzezinski and Gonda's shootings are not appropriate for the Christian church. He viewed her as a "model man" with a deep love for God that enhances his reflection.

"All I have seen about Terry is God. I have nothing else to do ... So far nothing has changed," Brzezinski said of accepting her into the church. "" It doesn't matter who you are or what you do in terms of your lifestyle. He's a good guy. His life is God’s. "

Brezzynski, who retired five years ago, described his former church as a "post-Vatican II parish," which was progressive and open to all classes of people. He said he did not know what "the Archbishop had in mind" at this time, but suspected that there was a movement to reform the liberal parishes.

“It sounds like someone is trying to improve a course,” Brzezinski said.

Retired Sherren Tioran, who has been a parishioner for more than 40 years at St. John Fisher, caused a stir in a fire in Gonda on Wednesday with a group of supporters.

Tioran, 77, said, "We are very sad here and I am angry. In the chapel, it is not Jesus, I know.

Tioran called Gonda's firing "unjust and Christian."

"These are man-made rules," Tiran said, adding that the Minister of Ethics and the Minister were exempt from firing Gonda. "Jesus does not remove Terry and Kirsty. He must welcome them with open arms. This is ridiculous."

Lisa Brown, who has run the parish campus and young adult ministry for 17 years, said the Gonda shooting was a major loss to the church.

"He really saved lives," Brown said of Gonda. "Their ways of accepting and attending people have helped a lot of young people who have been displaced from their own families, or who have not accepted them, who they are."

The Roman Catholic Church does not recognize same-sex marriage and considers homosexuality to be sinful, but Catholic catechism teaches that homosexuals and women "must be accepted with respect, compassion, and tenderness." There should be a reference to all forms of discrimination in the relationship. Deferred. "

Pope Francis has been outspoken and compassionate towards the gay and transgender community, making headlines around the world with his "Who to Judge" remarks in 2013, in which homosexuals were known for their confession.

Detroit Archbishop Alan Wigneran argues for conversion, urging Catholics in 2017 to "pray for those with same-sex attractions who do not see the truth and goodness of Christ's call and that they will be healed." And in order to attain peace, there is dissatisfaction and exchange. "

Monsignor Michael Lefrev, the current pastor of St. John Fisher, was unavailable for comment. Lefevre broke the news in an email to Gonda that he was about to expire.

"I received a call ... in response to my communication about marital status. Director of Human Resources for Archdoc. Chooses to activate its code of ethics.

In that email, Gonda was summoned to a Wednesday meeting at the church, where his removal will be officially announced. He was greeted by supporters at 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

The archival officer never showed up, but gave the news over the phone.

Moving on: 'I have found God'
Terry and Christie met in 1994 in London. Terry is on a "healing trip" with her mother, who has been struggling for a long time to accept her daughter's sexual orientation. Terry came out as a lesbian at the age of 19.

Terry met Kirsty in the Indigo Girls email group and met them while doing the tape trading in London.

Two music lovers fell in love.

Terry grew up in the Catholic Church. Kirsty was raised by an atheist, leftist hippie. But after his rebellious youth, he joined an evangelical movement and met with like-minded people at the London Pub.

They continued to travel long distances for 9½ years. In Easter 1995, Kirsty first visited Terry in the US.

"He took me to St. John's. The pastor gave me a big hug and said, 'Welcome home,'" Kirsty recalled.

In 2000, Christie became Catholic and moved to the US, eventually receiving a work visa that allowed her to do epidemiological research at Wayne State University. Terry is a full-time research engineer for the U.S. Army.

Over the years, the two fell in love with the Faith family at their progressive church in Auburn Hills. They were legally married on October 7, 2011, in Washington, D.C. - this relationship was adopted by their parish family and clergy.

Later this week, the Royal Oak Couple returns to the church for Mass. They sit in the pew in front and pray.

"I'm fine," Gonda said. "I didn't find God. I was filled with joy and love."

And a clear conscience, Kirsty declares: "As a good Catholic, you are bound to follow your conscience. This is what we have done."

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  1. It is sad to see how people are being judged on all things. Humans have the liberty to be free of their opinions and thoughts. Singers have the strongest capability to Bring Music to Life and when this is obstructed by silly traditional beliefs that date back to the oldest times.