The next generation! As a new father, Prince Harry wants to do all he can to build a better future.

Prince Harry feels the pressure to 'tell the future' to children

The former military pilot, 35, wrote a letter to the African Parks Annual Report on Thursday, June 11, "about the current extinction crisis in the world and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic," tweeted Royal Reporter Omid Scooby.

"Since becoming a father, I think the pressure is even greater to give our children the future they deserve, the future they don't take from them, and the future and opportunity to be filled," Harry wrote. "Yes, we have seen it, and I want to tell all of you that with the will and help from a group of extraordinary people, we have done what is necessary to restore these important ecosystems that he has made."

Rajkumar became a father in May 2019 when wife Meghan Markle gave birth to their son Archie. Two months after he arrived, Harry described the fine example he had shown to his child.

In a speech at the Diana Awards National Youth Mentoring Summit in London in July 2019, she said, "My son always looks at what I do and imitates my behavior."

The little one is growing fast and a few words like "dada, mama, book" and 'dog,' a source told us earlier this week.

"He loves hiding and using building blocks," the insider said.

Another source told us about a sweet bond with her father in November 2019, "When Harry walked into the room, Archie was so excited that he rolled his hands out - 'Pick me up!' Explain that Archie is a social butterfly, and he is happy when he is in the people around him. Kicked happy. "

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