Trump warned protesters ahead of the Tulsa rally

President Trump on Friday warned those protesting in Tulsa, Ola. Before their Saturday campaign rally, any performer is advised to behave harshly.

"Understand any performer, anarchist, agitator, extortionist, or lobbyist who goes to Oklahoma. You don't even act like you're in New York, Seattle, or Minneapolis," Trump tweeted Friday. "It's going to be a very different scene!"

Trump has severely criticized Democratic leaders in New York, Seattle, and Minneapolis for not performing nationwide to protest racism and police brutality in the wake of George Floyd's death.

The city of Tulsa announced curfews Friday and Saturday to prevent violent protests around the Trump rally, which has been mired in controversy ever since the president announced that he would hold a June 19 in Tulsa.

Trump had to be forcibly removed on June 20 after the campaign's decision to take the event to the United Nations, an annual holiday on the anniversary of the end of slavery in Juneau, but was shown on the Tanda Voss site. One of the deadliest incidents of anti-black violence in the country in 1921.

The Trump campaign has been criticized for widespread conduct during the coronavirus pandemic, provoking concerns by the city's health department.

The campaign plans to distribute masks and hand sanitizers, as well as rallies, to attendees to check the temperature before entering Tulsa's BOK Center. The site is home to 19,000 people and has received more than 1 million requests for tickets, the campaign said.

Attendees were asked to sign the waiver, agreeing not to sue the publicity or venue in the event of illness or injury.

"There are already huge crowds and lines in Tulsa. My campaign hasn't started yet. It starts Saturday night in Oklahoma!" Trump tweeted Friday after that.

Trump has repeatedly criticized Floyd's assassination at the hands of the police in Minneapolis.

While Trump has expressed displeasure over Floyd's death, he has also been vociferously critical of protests that have turned violent at times and demanded that the demonstrations be forced more forcefully.

Earlier this month, Trump threatened to send active-duty troops into areas where demonstrations were not adequately suppressed. The President recently joined the Washington government. J. Insley (D) and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) were provoked in parts of the city for failing to oust a group of protesters.

"You have a governor, you don't do a bad thing about it and you have a mayor who doesn't know he's alive," Trump told reporters Monday.

"If they don't do that, I'll do that," Trump continued, without giving the nuances.

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