A high-profile Twitter account has been hacked in the Bitcoin scandal

A high-profile Twitter account has been hacked in the Bitcoin scandal

The world's richest and most influential politicians, celebrities, tech moguls, and companies were subjected to a massive Twitter hack on Wednesday. Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Kim Kardashian West, and Bill Gates are among the accounts that have asked millions of followers to send money to bitcoin addresses.

All messages tweeted from accounts share the same language. A tweet from Kanye West's account stated that she was "giving back to her fans"; The Bezos account of the message said "he decided to give it back to my community"; And Musk said the account was "very good".

Bezos, Musk, and Gates are among the 10 richest people in the world, according to Forbes. According to the Associated Press, the three men make a total of $ 362 billion.

Twitter said in a statement that the company was aware of the "security incident" and was investigating. The tweet sent by the hackers has been deleted.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted several hours later, "Tough day for us on Twitter."

“We are all afraid this has happened,” Dorsey said. "We'll be confirmed and share everything we can when we have a full understanding of what really happened."

A Bill Gates spokesman confirmed that the tweet sent from his account was not sent by Gates himself. “This seems to be part of the bigger problem facing Twitter,” the spokesman said.

Joe Biden's campaign released a similar statement, saying, "Twitter Breach closed the account immediately and deleted the related tweet."

Companies including Apple and Uber were also hacked. Following this incident, all Apple tweets were deleted.

According to the tracking website Blackchain.com, there have been at least 363 transactions since the tweets were posted. So far, the account has received more than 8,000 118,000.

Immediately after the incident, many verified users, including media companies, reported that they could no longer tweet. Verified accounts trying to tweet received an error message stating "To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we cannot complete this action right now".

Twitter acknowledges that some users' properties may be disabled during the investigation: "You will not be able to tweet or reset your password when we review and resolve the incident."

About three hours later, Twitter support stated that "most accounts should be able to retweet us".

"As long as we work on a solution, this activity can come and go," he tweeted. "We are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible."

The hack has been widely used by unconfirmed Twitter users to attract social media site attention.

Many users have ridiculed the situation, forcing other accounts to retweet anything posted on their profiles, focusing on verified accounts or "blue checks".

Hawk prompted Missouri Senator Josh Haley to write a letter to Dorsey on Wednesday, claiming that some of the alleged accounts were "protected by two-factor authentication of Twitter".

"I'm concerned that this event will not only set up a special hacking event coordination set, but also a successful attack on Twitter's security. As you know, millions of your users will not publicly trust you to tweet your service. Communicate privately through your direct messaging service," successful on your system servers The attack is a threat to the privacy and data security of all your users. "

Haley urged Dorsey to work with the Justice Department and the FBI immediately on the case and asked Dorsey to answer a list of questions in the attack on the security of President Trump's account.

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