Did not join the EU vaccination program in the latest Brexit test

In the latest trial of its independent policy after Brexit, the UK will not be included in the EU's coronavirus vaccine program, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The Boris Johnson government hopes to join the program, which is spending 2 billion euros (3 2.3 billion) on vaccine research. The Daily Telegraph reported that ministers were concerned about an "expensive delay" at the event due to delivery negotiations, which government officials did not recognize.

Coronavirus pandemic the U.K. Led to a collaborative discussion with his immediate neighbors. Continues the attitude of the decision not to participate in EU programs to obtain ventilators and personal protective equipment - U.K. Even penetration soon became scarce - a line began on whether ministers were focusing on Brexit ideology to save lives.

"We are seeking formal explanations from the government for the possible reasons for this decision and are working to ensure that it does not cause supply problems or delays to the UK population," said David Rigley, deputy chairman of the British Writers' Association. "It is important that we all work together to defeat this deadly virus."

Outside of the crucial 27-member coalition of Brexit supporters who dominate the Johnson government, Britain will be able to conduct its affairs well and the decision not to participate in the vaccination program appears to be an extension of that policy.

Opponents say Britain has exposed its strategy to the virus: the UK has entered the lockdown more than many other countries in Europe and now has the highest number of deaths in the region. However, ministers have repeatedly stated that EU programs for PPEs and ventilators have not greatly benefited participants.

In the case of vaccines, medical experts, including Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, say the Oxford University project is leading the international effort. If the Oxford vaccine is successful, the UK has signed an agreement with AstraZeneca PLC to receive 30 million doses by September.

The UK plans to launch a vaccine production facility in the summer of 2021, which could produce 70 million doses in the first four to six months.

The Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategies did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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