France rebuilds cabinet of new Prime Minister Jean Costeux

Aiding in the worsening crisis of the economy after World War II and the new um to Emmanuel Macron's presidency, France's new Prime Minister Jean Costeux is expected to unveil a reorganized government on Monday.

The senior bureaucrat and provincial mayor Costeux was completely unaware of French Friday before his appointment, trying to go quickly and decisively to describe the skeptic, the right choice for the job.

The 55-year-old Macron has been replaced by Edward Philip, as the president is seeking a fresh start for the last two years of his mandate before the 2022 presidential election.

France's economy has become a historic recession due to the coronavirus crisis, with the Macron's Republic on the Move (LREM) party stepping out of local elections late last month.

Macron wrote on Twitter on Sunday that he needed a "new path", listing new government priorities, "to restore the economy, to maintain much of our social security and the environment, and then restore a fair republican order." Establishing and defending European sovereignty ”.

The failure of the LREM - founded in the Macron presidential bid in 2017 - again showed its deficiency in the local elections.

Analysts say the president wants to strengthen his hold on government reins before 2022 by hiring a low-profile man to replace Philip - the popularity of defeating Macron.

'New Talent'

French parliament speaker Richard Ferrand said the new government was expected to announce the decision Monday morning after a week-long exchange between Costex and Macron.

A Macron colleague, who asked not to be named, said there would be "new talent" and "people from different jurisdictions."

However, some details have leaked on what changes the government will make, which is always a delicate balancing act between left and right under Centric Macron.

Costeux, who plans to get France out of his coronavirus lockdown, confirmed that he is a member of the moderate The Republican (LR), but that he has now been handed over to his party card.

Interior Minister Christoph Castaner is a work in progress for allegedly not supporting Black Lives Matter protesters on racist accusations in the police department.

But it is unclear whether the chief ministries of the economy and former socialists will transfer Jean-Yves Le Drian and Florence Parle to the chief ministries of the state and state ministries in the field of defense.

'No choice'

The future of the environment ministry has received much attention after the resignation of popular campaigner Nicholas Hulot in 2018, which has been a troublesome domain for Macron because it is impossible to achieve anything.

Coteaux, who is still unaware of the green credibility, said after the Greens' strong showing in the municipal elections, "ecology is not an option but a responsibility."

But Annick Zadot, a key figure in the MEP and EELV Green parties, said "there is a full continuity between Gene Cortex and Edward Philip" and "has never been interested in climate or biodiversity."

Philip returned to the relative peace of his old job at the same time as Mayor of the Port of Normandy, May Havre. The opinion was divided over whether he would fade into the background or challenge Macron one day.

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