Iran's strongest MPs take steps to call Rouhani-Tasnim

Iran's strongest MPs have called for the president to be questioned, which brings out the blame in the media on Monday amid growing outrage over the government's economic policies.

Since re-imposing US sanctions in 2018, the Iranians have struggled to cope with their daily struggles, and the economy has been hit hard by rising inflation, rising unemployment, recession, and a recession in the coronavirus crisis.

The proposal to sign President Hassan Rouhani, 120 out of 290 MPs, was signed by the Iranian partial government Tasnim news agency and presented to the Assembly Presiding Board. To be effective, the motion must be sent to the President of the Presiding Board.

However, Iran's top official, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is Iran's rising U. Analysts say the board's call for unity between the branches of authority may be backed by issuing summons. Stress tolerance.

The move by Parliament to question Rouhani's predecessor was blocked by Khamenei's rare intervention.

"The president has a lot of questions for lawmakers, including the foreign exchange market crisis, the high prices of basic commodities and the basic needs of the people," Tahanim Tehran's lawyer quoted Iqbal Shabi.

Iran's real currency has been falling with the US dollar in the informal market since April, defying efforts by the central bank to restore its value.

First elected in the landslide in 2013 and re-elected in 2017, Rouhani opened up six major powers for nuclear diplomacy, leading to the 2015 nuclear deal under which Iran agreed to curb its sensitive nuclear work in exchange for easing sanctions. .

But hardliners against the West have always been lukewarm about the deal, and they criticized Rouhani when US President Donald Trump pulled out of the deal in 2018 and banned Iran's essential oil exports.

Iran's sanctions-stricken economy forced Khamenei to give temporary support to the deal, but the country's top authority regularly criticized its implementation.

According to Tasnim, lawmakers plan to ask Rouhani "about the government's strategic mistake that has allowed the US to withdraw the deal for less."

Some MPs on Sunday expressed dissatisfaction with Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif's 'liar' slogan in parliament's speech about the deal.

Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Zarif, has also returned, saying Khomeini has agreed to the nuclear talks.

Analysts say fundamentalist Khamenei may be happy with Rouhani's weakening, but he does not want to risk the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic by removing the president for less than a year.

Parliament has no major influence on foreign affairs or nuclear policy dictated by Khamenei. But it will provoke hardship in the election for the 2021 presidency and tighten the Western inclination of Tehran's foreign policy.

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