Nepal: Oli-Wanton Power Sharing Negotiations Failed; The two agree to meet again on Monday

Significant talks between Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and the Communist Party of Nepal Communist Party Working President Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Sunday had failed on Sunday, but they agreed to a meeting on Monday to resolve their differences. A powerful Standing Committee meeting of the party was held

Madhav is demanding the support of a strong group of senior leaders including Nepal and Hannah Khanal to step down as party president and prime minister.

The two leaders failed to reach any agreement. Prime Minister Oliqi sources said the matter was in vain as the two leaders continued their stance.
However, a senior minister told PTI that they have agreed to sit for another debate on Monday before a Standing Committee meeting scheduled to resolve the differences.

"Both leaders have discussed many issues, but there is no common practice," he said.

The 68-year-old prime minister is expected to decide on the political future at a powerful Standing Committee meeting that the party has twice postponed.

An important session of the 45-member Standing Committee was postponed until Monday, giving the top leadership more time to clear their differences over Oli's work and his anti-India statements.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Oli has met former Prime Minister and Opposition Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Duba. While it is not clear what issues were discussed at their meeting, speculations have emerged that Ollie Duba sought help in defending his government in the event of a breakaway party.

On Saturday, Ali said that the ruling Communist Party was facing a serious crisis, indicating that it would soon split.

"Oli was speaking at an emergency cabinet meeting at his official residence. Some members of our party have told ministers that President Bidya Devi Bhandari is trying to remove him from power," his Republic newspaper quoted a senior leader. Huh.

“Now the plot is being laid to remove me from the Prime Minister and the party presidency,” Oli said.

Following Oli's remarks about the conspiracy against the president, three former prime ministers - Chand Prachanda, Madhav Nepal, and Hala Lant Khanal - met Bhandari and made clear the rumors that NCP leaders were trying to oust him were untrue. Is.

At a Cabinet meeting, the defective Ali said the party would not be forced to accept the decision of the Standing Committee. He urged ministers to clarify their position on whether to support him or not.

I told the Oli ministers that I would make a quick decision to resume the Parliamentary Budget session last week after Parliament was conspiring to file an impeachment motion against the President. Is. "

Prime Minister's aide Surya Thapa said the Prime Minister had invited ministers to share the latest political developments in the country.

Prior to the Cabinet meeting, Oli held an interview with President Bhandari at his office in Maharajganj.

Oli immediately resigned as prime minister, claiming that most of the members of the People's Standing Committee and the Central Secretariat did not meet the expectations of the people, and that the inter-party split in the NCP was at its peak. Demanded the party president. .

The prime minister accused the party of establishing domination in the party, while Oli alleged that Prachanda did not cooperate in running the government.

Prime Minister Oli said last week that there had been a number of "embassies and hotels" in order to oust him from power.

He said some Nepali leaders were also involved in the conspiracy after the country's government reconfigured its political map, covering three strategically important Indian territories - Lipulekh, Kalapani, and Limpiyadhura.

It is not appropriate for the prime minister to make baseless allegations against India and his own party leaders, a senior leader of the party quoted at the Standing Committee meeting held last week.

There is time to talk about the lack of coordination between the government and the parties and he is pushing for the One Man One Position system by the NCP.

In May 2018, when Oli and Dahal announced the formation of the Nepal Communist Party, they reached a government-led gentleman's agreement, each for two and a half years.

But under the November 2019 agreement, Oli will be the executive chairman of the government and the Dahal party for a full five-year period.

Dahl said Ali failed to keep up with the spirit of the November 2019 agreement, so he must find a way to lead the government and adopt the May 2018 gentlemen's agreement.

In the current situation, political observers see three possibilities: Ali resigning as prime minister or party chair, splitting the party and electing an alliance with the opposition Nepali Congress and trying to form a second government or dissolve parliament and announce the interim. Election.

Senior lawyer and constitutional expert Dinesh Tripathi said there was no chance of dissolving Parliament at this time. Parliament cannot be abolished in accordance with the Constitution as it is possible to form a majority or coalition government.

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