Why Bode Miller Is Demanding Change for Olympic Athletes Ahead of 2021 Summer Games

Why Bode Miller Is Demanding Change for Olympic Athletes Ahead of 2021 Summer Games

Bode Miller explored the intellectual fitness challenges that Olympic athletes frequently face in The Weight of Gold. Now, he is speak me to E! News solely about why he desired to communicate out

Behind each Olympic win is an unforgettable ride crammed with highs and lows.

With six medals underneath his belt, Team USA's Bode Miller might also appear like the closing success story on paper. However, in accordance to the alpine ski racer, being an Olympic medalist is not always all celebratory.

Bode, alongside with various different world-famous opponents, which includes Michael Phelps, Lolo Jones, Shaun White, Gracie Gold and Apolo Ohno, agreed to take part in The Weight of Gold, HBO Sports' new documentary that explores the intellectual fitness challenges that some Olympic athletes face.

According to Bode, it used to be vital to talk up in hopes of bringing alternate to future athletes of all sports.

"We're making an attempt to destigmatize and honestly carry the dialog to a productive place," Bode completely defined to E! News. "Starting with human beings who perhaps the customary public would not assume to deal with these matters I suppose was once a logical way to do it."

In The Weight of Gold, quite a few athletes describe the stress they felt from sponsors, the media and themselves to function their very fantastic in advance of massive Olympic races. However, in accordance to Bode, many outsiders neglect that a majority of athletes are younger adults who are not, organized’ to cope with all of the factors.

"Most of these human beings are young adults or early 20s. They do not have the journey of anybody who has raised young people earlier than or labored in company America for 30 years. They are kids. It's simply a lot of stress and a lot of pressure," he said. "I suppose in the end, it is something that takes an tremendous quantity of maturity and self-discipline and focal point and intellectual stamina to get via and I simply do not assume there is definitely any programming designed on assisting athletes increase that."

Bode continued, "Everything is centered on the bodily facet and it leaves them feeling very uncovered on the emotional and intellectual state."

Regardless of the place an athlete locations in his or her sport, the harsh fact is that many rivals solely have one probability to earn an Olympics journey in their careers.

In addition, after years and years of every day exercise and training, the truth of returning lower back to regular can be an emotional warfare for some.

"The athletes are typically fuel. If the gadget is the Olympics of the U.S. Ski Team or the National Governing Bodies—that's the vehicle—the athletes are fuel," Bode explained. "They are expendable. They are burned up and spit out of the exhaust pipe with no actual regard for them’ There is continually a subsequent one. There is constantly every other fuel station proper round the corner. You can choose up new athletes and burn them thru the machine as well."

"I assume the difficult phase is you are applicable when you are applicable and it is no longer simply Olympic athletes," Bode continued. "It's seasoned athletes, it is musicians, and it is dad and mom who are empty nesters. It is a very comparable emotional journey for all these distinct demographics. You are relevant, you are needed’ absolutely everyone appreciates you and then all at once in some cases, you are now not applicable or you are no longer needed’ that affects people's self-esteem, self-worth, self-image and these are sincerely tough."

Bode says he tries to use his many years of experiences in sports activities to inform his youngsters about intellectual fitness and opposition as they develop up. At the identical time, Bode argues that each era and every man or woman is unique.

Although the testimonies in The Weight of Gold might also be difficult to hear for some loyal Olympic fans, Bode says the summer time and iciness video games nonetheless have many good.

"I suppose the dream of the Olympics is the place the cost is. We do not prefer to extinguish that dream. Of the million children that dream of being an Olympian, possibly a hundred or perhaps 50 without a doubt are Olympians so for the others, it is about the dream," Bode explained. "It's about the pursuit, the aspirational aspect and I do not desire to rob them of that by using any stretch."

"There are matters that want to exchange and there are methods of altering it. I do not suppose it is impossible," Bode continued. "I simply suppose we're in a renaissance proper now for sports activities the place I assume there may be going to be a lot of truth checks."

While the International Olympic Committee has but to see The Weight of Gold as of press time, a spokesperson stated, "The IOC acknowledges the seriousness of the topic."

In 2018, the IOC assembled a group of global professionals to evaluation the scientific literature on intellectual fitness signs, symptoms, and issues in elite athletes. More recently, the IOC launched a collection of webinars to guide and encourage athletes in the course of these unsure times.

A spokesperson additionally tested the IOC Athletes' Commission will proceed to work intently with the Mental Health Working Group on growing extra assets as nicely as a helpline.

The Weight of Gold premieres tonight at 9 p.m. EST on HBO Go and HBO Now.

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