Lawyers say relatives of the MH17 crash are seeking compensation from the accused

More than 300 relatives of those killed in a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane crash in 2014 will demand indefinite damages from four suspects in the Netherlands.

Lawyers say relatives of the MH17 crash are seeking compensation from the accused

Three suspects - three Russians and a Ukrainian - are being tried’ to kill and shoot down a passenger plane in eastern Ukraine with 298 people on board.

All four are in large numbers and there is only one legal representation in the case, which is being heard’ in a courtroom near Amsterdam.

Peter Langstraat, who represents 450 family members, said that so far, 316 relatives of the dead have said they intend to seek damages and to exercise their right to speak during 76 trials. Intend

The lawsuits have not yet been filed’ because lawyers have asked the court to decide whether Dutch or Ukrainian law should be applied when applying for damages.

The charge of damages from any court decision will depend on the conviction of the accused, which is expected’ to last for more than a year in a case.

MH17 was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when a missile fired from pro-Russian rebel-held territory during fighting in eastern Ukraine shot it down.

After years of gathering evidence, the Dutch-led International Joint Investigation Team (JIT) said last year that the missile launcher used to target the jet came from a Russian military base just across the border. Was

In July, the Dutch government said it was prosecuting Moscow, which is responsible for the devastation at the European Court of Human Rights. About two-thirds of the victims were Dutch.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied involvement in the incident.

Only one plaintiff, Oleg Polatov, has sent a defense attorney to represent him.

Pluto's lawyers told the judges on Monday that they still could not see their client in person, mainly because of the coronavirus epidemic.


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