Facebook lifts ban on pro-Biden ad citing 'implementation error'

Facebook Inc. said Monday that it made a mistake in blocking a pro-Biden ad presented by the Democratic Political Action Committee Priorities USA, after initially telling the group that the video was "sensational." "Has violated its policy against content.

Facebook lifts ban on pro-Biden ad citing 'implementation error'

A company spokesman, citing an "implementation error," said Facebook was approving the ad, which called on President Donald Trump to respond to Obama Care and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden "anonymously." Clips threatening to say "man" were, shown.

According to a screenshot of the rejection notice shared by Priorities USA strategy Josh Schwartz, Facebook initially stated its policy against ads that contain "shocking, sensational, provocative or excessively violent content." Was, cited.

Examples of prohibited advertising material through the policy include graphic depiction of violence, derogatory speech, and exit from the broker.

Facebook has been hot on the heels of a relatively hands-on approach to political discourse, especially its policy of exempting politicians from fact-checking.

Maintains stricter rules for outside groups such as the PAC, and earlier this month the Republican PAC was, banned from advertising after repeatedly sharing content that had external facts. Investigators thought it was a lie.

(Reuters is one of Facebook's fact-checking partners.)

Facebook also draws some lines for politicians, leaving content that, for example, incites violence. In June, he removed Trump's re-election campaign letters showing a red inverted triangle, used to violate his policy against organized hatred by the Nazis.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said only a few versions of the USA ad were blocked, which he called a "mistake - a shameful fact," while other versions were allowed to run.

Preference USA

"We've been trying to get their approval since Thursday. The company shouldn't have a public pressure campaign to enforce its policies," Chevron said in a tweet.


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