Fact-checking Trump and Biden's first presidential debate

Bloomberg News is examining the facts during the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

Fact-checking Trump and Biden's first presidential debate

Claim: Trump says Antifa radicals are the biggest threat to security

Earlier this month, FBI Director Chris Way denied that the Antarctic Movement Antifa, cited by Trump, was the biggest domestic threat.

Antifa is the real thing. "It's not a myth," Wray told a council committee. "But it's not an organization or a structure. We think it's more of a movement or maybe you can call it ideology.

And just last week, Chad Wolf, Trump's nominee for head of the agency in charge of countering domestic terrorism, told senators that white supremacy became the "most permanent and deadly threat" to the United States from within the country. Has gone

Claim: Trump said he paid hundreds of millions of dollars in federal income tax
The New York Times reports that Trump paid 7 50,750 in federal income tax in both 2016 and 2017. Trump said he paid "millions" in federal income tax but also claimed he was using tax breaks and flaws embedded in the tax code. Trump said in the 2016 presidential debate that not paying taxes makes him "smart."

It is true that some of the weapons used by Trump were included in the law that Barack Obama signed into law to allow taxpayers to use more years of losses to cancel existing tax obligations. Be allowed. But tax lawyers say the details in the New York Times report include some red flags that could violate the law with Trump's aggressive tax move. Lawyers say classifying a family home as an investment property, writing off personal expenses and paying counseling fees to its children could undermine tax rules.

According to the New York Times, the IRS has also disputed some of Trump's tax records and has yet to resolve a long-running audit with the president about. 972.9 million in tax returns since 2010. The audit is still ongoing and is often cited’ by Trump as the reason he cannot file his tax return, although the IRS has said there is no reason to withhold the return.

Claim: Biden says Trump will be the first president to have fewer jobs at the end of his presidency

If current trends continue, Biden is fine. When Trump was inaugurated’ in January 2017, Americans had 146 million jobs. That number dropped to 141 million in August, according to official figures. It is largely driven’ by coronavirus shutdowns and recessions under the Trump administration, but it has not happened under any other four-year presidency in generations. The figures are from World War II.

Claim: Trump has claimed that a vaccine for COVID 19 is coming soon
According to the World Health Organization, there are currently more than 190 experimental coronavirus vaccines for development, 40 of which have been included in human studies.

Partnerships with Biotech SE include experimental shots from Pfizer Inc., AstraZeneca PLC with Oxford University, and Moderna Inc. Pfizer chief executive officer Albert Bourla said he expects to receive final data on the usefulness of his shot by the end of October. Bourla also said it was "likely" that before the end of the year, under the approval of vaccine regulators, the vaccine would be widely available to the public, possibly by US health officials. Together they will be able to push back against expectations that are more dreadful.

However, estimates by top health officials are based’ on production and distribution needs from the end of March to the end of 2021.

Claim: Trump says China is responsible for COVID-19

The novel Coronavirus first broke out in Wuhan, China, and there is evidence that local officials initially downplayed the threat for fear of harassing Communist Party officials in Beijing.

When Trump moved to block most travel from China to the United States in early February, the sanctions were unsafe.

Critics say Trump continued to reduce the severity of the virus during February and did nothing to mobilize the US military for epidemics until March 12. We want it to end with very few deaths. "And then we are urging that the whole country be reopened by Easter.

Trump has also claimed that China prevented the virus from spreading beyond Wuhan to other parts of China, but deliberately allowed it to spread abroad. In fact, cases were reported’ in China. According to WHO figures, only more than 81,000 cases of Kwid-19 were found’ in China, of which about 13,000 were outside Hubei Province, including Wuhan, where it originated. ۔

Claim: Trump says the health plan will cover pre-existing conditions
The Trump administration has backed the US Supreme Court's challenge to the Affordable Care Act. US presidential election in November

Trump has expanded the ACA's alternatives, including short-term health plans that can exclude people from pre-existing conditions or charge them more. But Trump has yet to come up with a comprehensive alternative to the ACA, including a popular provision that guarantees that health insurers cannot refuse to cover sick people or their May charge more than Rs. An estimated 3 out of 10 American adults between the ages of 18 and 64 already have the condition.

Widely supporting this provision, Trump signed an executive order on September 24 stating that it is the government's "policy" to ensure that people with pre-existing conditions Get coverage. The order did not say how the administration would get the ACA if the court attacked it. Independent experts say this is not a credible approach to replace the ACA's security measures.

Claim: Biden says Trump will take pre-existing coverage from 100 million Americans

The 100 million figure refers to an estimate of Americans who are not enrolled’ in major federal health programs such as Medicaid and Medicaid that already exist. But if the Affordable Care Act is repealed and its reservations removed, it will primarily be affected by pre-existing conditions that have gained coverage in the individual market, where no U.S. employer or federal health program You can buy your own health insurance without it. . And that number is very small, although it is difficult to estimate.


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