Global report: US deal reached a 'real blow' to global vaccine efforts Australia faces record GDP shortfall

Australia is in recession for the first time in almost 30 years as the coronavirus epidemic has finally ended its record run of economic prosperity.

Global report: US deal reached a 'real blow' to global vaccine efforts Australia faces record GDP shortfall

Since George W. Bush was the senior US president and Brian Adams has ruled the pop chart, the country's economy has suffered two-quarters of negative growth in a row. Was, predicted.

But Wednesday's data showed that rising domestic consumption forced GDP to shrink by 7% in the three months to the end of June.

However, according to Johns Hopkins University Tracker, overall epidemic control in Australia is still a bright spot in the world with more than 25,650,000 cases, with 855,000 deaths. According to Johns Hopkins University Tracker.

Hoping for international co-operation on the global vaccine, a "real blow" was dealt with’ on Tuesday when the Trump administration in the United States said it would not join the World Health Organization's Covax treatment.

The White House said it did not want to be coerced’ by "corrupt World Health Organization and China-influenced multilateral organizations" and said it was confident it could develop its own vaccine.

The move threatens to draw the WHO into a dangerous "vaccine nationalism" in which rich countries develop their own vaccines and deny access to poorer countries, leading the world. Recovery is delayed’ throughout.

More encouraging news in this form came from a study of antibodies by 30,000 American scientists in Iceland. The results show that, despite some recent concerns, antibodies try to fight the corona virus for at least four months after human diagnosis and do not go away quickly.

The team said: "If a vaccine can promote the production of long-lasting antibodies because it appears to be a natural infection, it raises the hope that immunity from this unexpected and highly contagious virus will be temporary. Will not go away. "

Infections are already on the rise in severely affected countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, where there are now more than 600,000 infections and 65,000 deaths.

In South Korea, where the virus has recurred in recent weeks, officials have warned that the infection rate has been high in the 60's and is putting strain on the country's health system.

But in Pakistan, health experts are shocked’ by the decline in cases over the past month after the initial increase, which many believe will lead to a serious crisis.

Despite fears that the country's overcrowded urban areas and ramshackle hospitals will be curbed 19 deaths are hovering in the single digit every day, while neighboring India suffers hundreds of deaths and 4 million infections. Is.

Pakistan has a long history of failing to control infectious diseases such as polio, tuberculosis and hepatitis, but the corona virus has so far been’ suppressed. To date, the South Asian country has confirmed more than 295,000 infections and is currently recording a few hundred new cases.

"No one has been able to explain this shortcoming ... we have no concrete explanation," said Dr Salman Haseeb of Services Hospital in the eastern city of Lahore. "

This was the biggest decline since the record began in Australia in 1959, adding to the decades-long boom in the Chinese economy and the demand for vast reserves of commodities such as iron and coal.

The country's statisticians ended up exceeding expectations, and the first three months of the year saw negative growth to put the country on a pedestal.

Household spending crashed during the lockdown in April and May, with up to 2% of costs on restaurants and up to 85% on transportation. Australians competed with a 13% increase in spending on alcohol.

Although the ruling coalition right from the ruling center says performance is far better than many countries, economists warn that Australia has a long way to go to fully recover. Victoria, the second-largest state, is still in lockdown amid a second wave of serious corona viruses on Wednesday, with 90 new cases on Wednesday.


Health experts in Pakistan have puzzled experts with a reduction in the incidence of the virus

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