Joe Biden, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, joined Trump and Putin

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been nominated’ for the Nobel Peace Prize, along with President Donald Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Joe Biden, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, joined Trump and Putin

British lawmaker Chris Bryant, a member of the Labor Party in the US House of Representatives, described Syria's standard as "Democrat" on Monday.

"While others have resorted to violent solutions, he has argued that the best force is the power of argument," he told the newspaper.

"Because guns can stop the heart, but well-kept words can change many hearts, and many hearts can change a world."

Newsweek commented on the Bryant and Biden campaigns.

At the same time, Trump has received a third nomination for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. They have been put’ forward in previous years as well.

According to Russian media reports, Russian President Putin also received a nomination earlier this month.

Anyone eligible to nominate can forward any person or organization for a reward.

According to the Nobel Peace Prize website, nominations cannot be verified’ before the deadline.

Members of national assemblies and national governments of sovereign states, as well as current heads of state, are eligible to nominate.

University professors of history, social sciences, law, philosophy, theology, and religion can also offer people a prize.

Most of the runners-up are not on the final shortlist from which the winner is’ selected.

Nominees are not officially made’ public until they are revealed 50 years later. The shortlist for 2021 the definition is months away.


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