Kenya's ministry has ordered the publication of the Covid 19 agreement between the graft scandals

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday ordered Kenya's health ministry to publish details of all purchases made during the post-Coronavirus epidemic, with government officials stealing millions of dollars’ worth of essential medical supplies.

Kenya's ministry has ordered the publication of the Covid 19 agreement between the graft scandals

The directive specifically applies to ongoing tenders by Kenya's Medical Supply Agency (KEMSA), which has been at the center of a growing scandal that has led to strikes over illegal hospitals and street protests. ۔

The KMSA is accused of spending 400 400 million on medical equipment needed by government officials and businessmen to fight the corona virus.

Kenyatta last week instructed the Anti-Corruption Commission to expedite its investigation into KEMSA, which is responsible for providing Kenya's defeated hospitals to treat Kenyan virus patients. The CEO of KEMSA and other senior officials have stood up.

Kenyatta also said the health ministry has 30 days to develop a "transparent" system so that KEMSA procurement process can be published’ online.

"This level of transparency and the use of technology will go a long way in ensuring that we have the confidence of our people that the people employed in the institutions are open management of our development partners, in addition to Kenyan taxpayers." The president said in a statement.

- Medical staff in people infected with the virus -

Frontline health workers are among the 577 people who have died from the corona virus in Kenya since the first case came to light in March. They include a 32-year-old nurse who contracted the disease just two weeks after giving birth.

Medical personnel dealing with corona virus patients have complained about the quality of supplies, posting some online photos of defective personal protective equipment in emergency rooms across the country.

Doctors at government hospitals went on strike this month, sparking anti-corruption protests in several Kenyan cities following a television investigation into allegations of mass grafting in the KMSA. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

The KEMSA scandal came as Kenyan investigators vowed to separately investigate the alleged theft of PPE supplies provided by Chinese billionaire and Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

Allegations of corruption and misuse have surfaced as new infections of Covid 19 have increased in Kenya, although their numbers have declined in recent weeks.

Government officials have welcomed the downturn, but the WHO warned in a note on Monday that caution should be exercised’ in the overall investigation and detection of contacts during the same period. Decreased.

As of Monday, there were 34,201 cases in the East African country.


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