The United States has said it will not join global efforts to find a COVID-19 vaccine

The Trump administration said Tuesday it would not work with international cooperation efforts to develop and distribute the COVID-19 vaccine because it does not want to be coerced’ by multilateral groups such as the World Health Organization.

The United States has said it will not join global efforts to find a COVID-19 vaccine

According to the Washington Post, the decision to go it alone first follows the White House's decision to expel the United States from the WHO in early July. Trump claims that the WHO needs reform and is deeply affected’ by China.

Some nations have worked directly to secure vaccine deliveries, but others are working to ensure success against a disease that has no geographical boundaries. More than 150 countries are establishing the Global Access to Quid-19 vaccine, or Covax.

The efforts of this WTO cooperative will allow nations to take advantage of a portfolio of potential vaccines so that their citizens can be considered’ effective for each of them as soon as possible. The WHO says that even if governments make deals with individual vaccine makers, they could benefit from joining COAVX because they do not back up the gains made through bilateral agreements with manufacturers. Will provide the vaccine.

White House spokesman Jude Derry said the United States is working with our international partners to defeat the virus, but we will not be bound by the World Health Organization and multilateral organizations affected by corruption. There is no cost to a new vaccine for safety and efficacy. Safety maintains the gold standard of our own Food and Drug Administration. It is well tested and lives are being, saved.

D. Amy Beira, a California spokeswoman, said the administration's decision was short-lived and would hamper the fight against the epidemic.

Medical Dr. Beira tweeted, "Joining CoVAX is an easy way to guarantee US access to a vaccine. This is the only step that puts the United States at risk of not getting the vaccine."

The administration's decision, in conjunction with the US withdrawal from the WHO, means that the United States is relinquishing its global leadership in the fight against epidemics. U2

"Not only does this move endanger the lives of millions of people around the world, but it could completely isolate Americans from an effective code 19 vaccine," Hart said.

Dozens of experimental COVID-19 vaccines have reached the final and biggest hurdle in human testing - in search of the evidence, they really need.

AstraZeneca announced on Monday that its vaccine candidate has entered the final testing phase at a company based in Cambridge, England in the United States. The study will include 30,000 adults from different ethnic, racial and geographical groups. ۔

Two other vaccine candidates began final testing in tens of thousands of Americans this summer. One was developed by the National Institutes of Health’ and developed by Moderna Inc, and the other by Pfizer Inc. and Biotech of Germany.


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